Posted by: Ticktock | May 7, 2008


This is just a quick post to say that our family has switched from Dr. Brown’s Bisphenol-A bottles to the estrogen-less alternatives Born Free and Sigg.  Be careful choosing your bottles.  A report by blogger Z Recommends exposed Amazon for adding BPA bottles to their BPA-free store; Amazon has since taken down the products.

In the time since my last post about Bisphenol-A, the hard plastic that seems to mess with estrogen genes, there have been a few updates to post: Wal-Mart has decided to phase out BPA bottles, Canada is considering dropping them all together, and the National Childbirth Trust in the UK has demanded warning labels on baby bottles.  This is all despite the lack of conclusive evidence and only “some” official concern on the hard plastic.

Just so I’m clear, my family decided to switch to BPA-free to be absolutely sure that our children are safe.  It was a personal decision… not based on the totality of scientific evidence, but on the alarming preliminary data.


  1. hey, just dropping in to say that i just purchased Dr. Brown’s new BPA free bottles… ironically when i was at the store, all the “unsafe” bottles were on sale… everything from avent to platex.

  2. […] written about Bisphenol-A before, so I won’t go into too much detail.  I just want to remind everyone that there are quality BPA-Free bottles and sippie cups at Born Free and Sigg.  BPA was […]

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