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This is a new segment on the Skeptic Dad blog.  Every few weeks I’ll post about scientific things in the news that you can apply to your own family.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to make science education fun by developing your child’s curiousity and enthusiasm for scientific exploration.

The first item I want to bring to your attention is the new World Wide Telescope.  Those parents who have installed Google Sky onto their desktop will not want to miss Microsoft’s sleek and stylish answer to their cyber-counterparts at Google.  World Wide Telescope is accessible, free to download, and the functions are easy to use.  It’s the perfect complement to an actual telescope.

There are a variety of summer camps, some of them religious and others secular, but there is only one Camp Quest, the first summer camp for children of secular freethinkers, humanists, and atheists.  The camp is meant to foster a rational and logical worldview, and to focus on the natural world over the supernatural.  You can find a Camp Quest in Ohio, Minnesota, Smokey Mountains, California, Michigan, and Ontario.  I don’t blame people for being a little concerned about brainwashing, but the whole point of this camp is to avoid dogma by encouraging the campers to think for themselves.  My own parents were concerned when I brought up the subject of this camp, but they forgot that I was sent to a christian camp as a child.  Why not send your kids to a humanist freethought camp?

Expelled Exposed has been doing a lovely job of squashing the arguments in Ben Stein’s despicable Expelled “documentary”.  One video on the site challenges the intelligent design argument of the complexity of the eye.  Check it out…



  1. This is kind of unrelated, but I thought you might find this interesting:

    How to Extract DNA from Any Living Thing

  2. There is also Camp Inquiry, which I just heard about on this episode of All Thing Considered on NPR. It is a program from the Center for Inquiry.

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