Posted by: Ticktock | May 14, 2008

Beverly Fears- Cincinnati’s Vile Monster


Beverly Fears of Cincinnati is perhaps the most despicable human in America.  I would say that she was the the most repugnant human on planet Earth, but then I wouldn’t be giving credit to the even more abhorrent Austrian asshat Josef Fritzl, who raped his own child and fathered his grandchildren in a secret dungeon below his house.

Beverly didn’t do anything that bad.  She was arrested a year ago for locking her 5 year old son in a closet and leaving her 20 month old in a playpen while she worked the nightshift.  The neighbors heard the older boy screaming, “Why does she keep doing this to me” and pounding at the floor.  The police found the malnourished five year old surrounded by his own feces and urine with laceration marks on his wrist where he had been repeatedly tied up.  He had attempted to pry up the floorboards in desperation.  The toddler was found in a pack n’ play with nothing but a ballpark frank and some ketchup.  His diaper rash was so severe that the skin was falling off his ass. 

This wasn’t the first time Beverly exhibited signs of bad mothering.  Someone from social services might have taken notice when she tried to teach her first son a lesson on thumbsucking by wrapping his thumbs so tight that they had to be amputated.  Nobody thought to take this crazy bitch’s children away?  Now that she’s pleaded guilty to three counts of child endangerment and one count of kidnapping, we can finally protect her children, including the one she had while incarcerated the past year.

Cincinnati failed these kids, just like they failed to save Marcus Fiesel, the foster child with autism who was taped up and stuffed in a hot closet for a weekend.  When will this city wake up and do something to protect children from abusive parents? 

All I know is that I want to give my kids a few extra kisses and hugs after writing this post.  I urge anyone with strong morals and good family values to consider being a foster parent.  There are too many horrible parents out there taking the money and abusing the children. 


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