Posted by: Ticktock | June 2, 2008

No More Monkeys Jumping on the (Bunk) Bed!!!


A new study is out that reveals some alarming statistics on bunk bed related injuries.  The researchers from The Ohio State University revealed that over a half million bunk bed accidents happened during a fifteen year period – most of which were due to falls from the top bunk.

These injuries were not only common in young children, but also older college age young adults.  Children under ten, not surprisingly, were responsible for three-quarters of the bunk bed injuries, but there seemed to be a spike in older bunk accidents… perhaps for different reasons (sex, drugs, and rock and roll?).  College age teens were twice as likely to have accidents as younger teens.  Of course, older kids would be more likely to sleep in a dorm bunk or an army cot.  Younger teens , I’m sure, would be horrified to regularly sleep in such juvenile sleeping quarters.

The study indicated that boys under the age of six were at particular risk of bunk bed harm, which doesn’t surprise me.  A 2002 Greek study also showed that the majority of bunk bed injuries were boys.  I’m not entirely sure that this isn’t because more boys are in bunk beds, or that boys are more likely to be jumping on the bed or wrestling.

This study goes along with a CDC study last year that estimated 23,000 children were taken to the hospital for bunk bed injuries – such as fractures, contusions, and lacerations.  Much of the damage came in the form of head injuries; young children have a higher center of gravity, and are more likely to fall on their heads.

The best strategies for avoiding bunk bed accidents – don’t allow children under six on upper bunks, put up guard rails, keep the ladder well-lit, and discourage horse play on the top bunk.


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