Posted by: Ticktock | June 20, 2008

The Dangers of Blind Belief!


I’m sure that this will be an ongoing series as this blog continues.  There are always examples in the news of people blindly believing in their pet woo, whether that be The Secret, religious prayer, or fortune telling arcade machines that grant wishes.  I’m sad to bring you these latest examples of stupid people believing stupid things.

PRAYER – An Oregon teen died of a urinary tract infection because his parents declined medical treatment for religious reasons.  He’s a member of a church called Followers of Christ, who believe that God’s plan is for them to die a slow and agonizing death at a young age.  Instead of going to the hospital and solving the problem by simply inserting a catheter, Neil Beagley’s parents decided to hold a prayer meeting.  According to Oregon law, he’s old enough that his parents won’t be prosecuted.  His aunt and uncle aren’t so lucky.  They’ll be tried for manslaughter of Neil’s cousin Ava, who died of religious stupidity… I mean, a bronchial infection.

PSYCHICS – Colleen Leduc’s 11-year old autistic daughter Victoria was flagged for sexual abuse by the girl’s school.  And who was pointing the finger?  A teacher’s assistant whose psychic predicted that a girl in the teacher’s class who had a name that begins with “V” was being molested by a man between the ages of 23 and 26.  WHAT???  The beauty of the situation is that Colleen had proof that her daughter wasn’t molested as the psychic claimed.  Her daughter, who had been lost by the school on a few occasions, was equipped with a GPS tracking unit that records audio 24/7.  I don’t want to pull a Valerie Plame on Colleen Leduc, but I think I know which “company” she is working for (jk…I think).


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