Posted by: Ticktock | June 21, 2008

Dolores Umbridge Incarnate


A teacher burns a message into the forearm of a disobedient little boy and corrupts education with evil lies. 

No, these aren’t the actions of fictional Grand Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter novels.  I’m talking about CNN’s report of a science teacher, John Freshwater, here in Ohio, who burned the image of a cross onto the forearm of his student.  The schoolboard voted on a resolution to fire this man after 21 years of him bringing his bible to school, trashing the theory of evolution, and making bigoted comments about homosexuals. 

Do we really need a resolution to fire someone for burning iconic religious symbols onto the forearms of public school students?  What does it take to flat out fire someone?  Isn’t bad enough that he disrespected the students’ fundamental right to freedom of religion by teaching creationism?  What else can he possibly do?  Mt. Vernon School District needs to get with the program, and this boy needs to press charges.  I hope he does.

Just a little aside, yesterday my SAHD playgroup was swarmed by a series of christian campers trying to give us sunscreen and freeze-pops in the name of Christ.  When did the heavenly father get into bribing children with iced sugar water to save their souls?  Has he issued a new commandment “Thou shalt annoy secular families with melted freeze-pops at the park playground”? 

The temptation to debate these kids into disbelief was very strong.  In a way, I kind of wanted to save their souls.  I guess it’s ironic that I thought of The Golden Rule.  I realized that I didn’t want them to feel the same sort of confrontation that they were putting on my family.  So I politely said, “No, thank you, we’re not believers.”  They walked away saying, “Jesus loves you anyway.” 

Sure, kids, I just hope you don’t grow up to be the type of teacher who would brand his beliefs on the arm of a student.  Stick to the freeze pops, and I’ll try not to complain.   



  1. It really happens rarely, but after reading this article, I was left speechless!
    Who does this bible-wielding Uberhuman think he is?

    My children are luckily still too young to go to school and I do not live in Ohio but if this moron has any followers here in California, I, being an atheist, will make sure that there will be no such people with the Book Of Lies at the school my son and daughter will visit.

    Let the people think and believe whatever they want but aggravated battery in order to force other people to do the same is NOT the way.

    Sorry, if my posting was rather flaming, but I had to vent my anger.

    Kind regards

    R. Ghent

  2. And where were the parents of this ‘branded’ child?! Luckily he didn’t do it to me when I was a kid. My mom would’ve (and mind you, she’s Christian) … stormed the school and whupped his ass from here to next Sunday. She didn’t take any crap, or anyone branding her ‘only begotten’ as she like to call me.

    And I’m sure she’s not alone. This is so crazy its unbelievably. This guy should not only not be allowed near children, he should be locked up like anyone else who commits assault on a child.

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