Posted by: Ticktock | June 23, 2008

Science for the Kids!!!


It’s time once again for the latest installment of Science for the Kids, where I provide interesting links that promote exploration, discovery, and critical thinking.  My goal is to start a discussion between parent and child, where the hunger of curiousity can be fed with knowledge.  Cheezy as that sentiment may be, I do encourage families to open dialogues that discuss what we know, how we know it, and why it’s important.

The first link I want to tell you about is an Impact Calculator that computes the impact depth and damage caused by asteroids.  You can choose the size of the asteroid, as well as the speed, the angle, and the density.  After you’ve modified your asteroid, you can click to see how deep the impact would be compared to monuments such as the sphynx or eiffel tower.  This is an interesting site, but parents should follow up and explain the odds of an asteroid hitting Earth or perhaps about theories of dinosaur extinction.

The next topic is about abiogenesis, or the origin of life, and is not meant for younger children.  The video explains how early life could have developed and evolved to make complex biological organisms, and it challenges some ideas presented by creationists.  I personally believe that young children shouldn’t be exposed to religious arguments, except for in the simplest of explanations.  It isn’t fair to impose any worldview or ideology on a young mind.  But a teenager can and should be confronted by these choices, and they should be discussed openly and objectively.  After the video, take a look at the Top 10 newly discovered species of last year, and then discuss new discoveries in evolutionary science.

This last item is not necessarily science, but it seems worthy of mention just because it looks like a blast to share with your kids.  Clare Crespo combines the personality of Rachel Ray and the playhouse silliness of Pee Wee Herman in her cooking DVD for kids called Yummyfun.  I haven’t checked out the video yet , but it looks like it would be a super fun introduction to cooking.


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