Posted by: Ticktock | June 26, 2008

MMA Toys Are a BAD IDEA!


Fans of mixed martial arts are probably super excited that their favorite fighters are being immortalized as action figures, but I’m not.  This is a sport that started as a bare-knuckled bloody fight between two martial arts warriors in a cage, and it hasn’t changed much since, other than the addition of fighter gloves and some regulations and rules.  UFC still has an enclosed chain link octagon with two tough-as-nails brutes pounding away at each other while grappling themselves into bone-snapping postitions.  Admittedly, this type of brutality is fun for adults, and I watch it with excitement and amazement, but let’s face it, children should not be watching it.  Between Spike TV’s Ultimate Fighter reality show and prime time Saturday night MMA on CBS broadcast television, the opportunities for children to witness a man get his cauliflower ear split open by a row of hardened knuckles becomes greater and greater each passing day.

These violent UFC cage fights should not be seen by children younger than the minimum age for a Rated R movie.  How disappointing to see that KB Toys thinks they have a justification to sell these gladiators to the under-16 crowd in American stores.  I don’t doubt that they’ll sell a few to adults too, but take one look at these action figures and I think you’ll agree that they are not marketed to anyone with chest hair.






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