Posted by: Ticktock | July 27, 2008

Bisphenol-A: Cleared of All Charges?

The good news is that Bisphenol-A is likely not the health risk that we once thought.

The bad news is that I bought all new BPA-Free bottles and sippie cups.

Oh well.  One of the benefits of trusting the scientific process is that I can take measured precautions to alarming science-based health warnings  (such as the cell phone scare of 08), and I still have the opportunity to stay flexible and change my mind when those risky products are given the “all clear”.   I stand by my advice for families to avoid unnecessary and potentially toxic products that are in the process of being vetted by scientists; certainly, when there are options that objectively pose fewer hypothetical health risks.

The European Food Safety Authority has issued a statement that the plastic ingredient Bisphenol-A is safe for humans after all.  (Glad it’s the Europeans, or nobody would believe it.)  The reason for the drastic change in opinion?  It turns out that new information proves that humans (even newborns) are much better able to metabolize BPA than rats , which means that instead of it junking up our hormones, we fire it all out in a stream of warm urine.  I knew those kidneys were good for something!

Something tells me that this news is going to take a while to filter out to the population, and even when it does, few will believe it.  Granted, this does not completely end the debate on BPA, but it does swing the evidence strongly in favor of it’s safety.  I’m glad that we have one less toxin to panic about.


  1. I would not say that I wont be cautious in the future…even the article in the first link suggests taking precautions against BPA leaching. I’ve seen some pretty convincing arguements online that it is safe, though I’ve also read that a couple of those sources are industry sites. So what to do? I will still play it safe with alternatives:

  2. Good to hear it, however, I think I will still adopt Canada’s stance and err on the side of caution. They’ve gone ahead to ban BPA bottles:

    We also got rid of all our BPA bottles in favour of metal and other BPA-free bottles.

  3. […] Bisphenol-A – The estrogen-like chemical in your toddler’s sippy cup and also lining cans of infant formula probably lingers in your body longer than originally thought. […]

  4. […] seemed like BPA was in the clear for a while, but then recently a memo was leaked by the BPA manufacturers that ranks right up there […]

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