Posted by: Ticktock | August 25, 2008

Vaccines: Running Scared!

Measles are making a comeback thanks to the fear tactics of anti-vaccination activists like Jenny McCarthy and David Kirby.  Cool!  Those well-intentioned jokers have been doing such a good job smearing the vaccine industry with their baseless assumptions and accusations that the measles rate has tripled in the last year due to breaches in herd immunity.

At least we don’t have 763,000 cases of measles every year – the rate before vaccines were introduced in the 50s.  Since the introduction of vaccines, we’ve been on our way to eliminating measles as a threat to our children.  Until lately, that is, thanks to the “green” vaccine gang.

Americans have been so gullible on the non-existent vaccine/autism link that some of our nonsense has even leaped the Pacific and landed Down Under.  A fugitive couple from Sydney Australia fled their home with a newborn in tow to avoid authorities, who insisted that the child be immunized against Hep B.  The issue stemmed from the parents misguided wish that the baby not be injected with the aluminum-containing Hep B vaccine.  Normally, Australians have legal rights to opt-out of any vaccine for any reason, but in this scenario, the mother has Hepatitis B, which has a significant chance of passing to the child.

Of course, to these parents, the baseless accusation that the aluminum in vaccines is harming our children is a far greater risk than the actual harm that is caused by Hepatitis B.

In related news, these same parents recently discovered the amount of aluminum in breast milk, formula, and deodorant, which caused them to escape planet Earth and find a habitable planet in a dimension where people live to the age 500 because aluminum doesn’t exist.  In this dimension, people drink from cans of hepatitis B and wrap their leftovers in sheets of hepatitis B.

Good luck with that.

*UPDATE* The Australian government has decided to give up pursuit of the irresponsible anti-vax parents.  Hooray!  Score one for Jenny McCarthy and zero for little infant who is about to contract Hep B.



  1. It’s the same in the UK except the worry stems from the combined MMR (measles, mumps and rhubella) waccine. My daughter had the vaccine and didn’t suffer any side effects, not even the usual temperature.

    We have a few clinics offering (read: extorting money from helicopter parents) the vaccine in three individual doses, one for each disease. It costs around £100 per vaccine and the mumps vaccine regularly runs out which means that the one disease whcih regularly does the rounds every year is the one your kid isn’t vaccinated against.

    Plus it’s hard enough sitting there while your child gets one injection and cries their eyes out, but imagine having to do it three times.

  2. I’m reading The Vaccine Book for informational purposes (It would take actual scientific evidence to make me decide not to vax my kids, and I haven’t seen any yet…) and I was really distressed by Dr. Sears’ assertion that because he hasn’t found any studies proving that aluminum levels in vaccines are safe, therefore they must be harmful. I found that to be a rather illogical conclusion.

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