Posted by: Ticktock | August 29, 2008

Option Four

My local NPR station WVXU declared yesterday that a majority of Cincinnatians believe we are in a recession.  Here are the options given in the poll…

1. We are in a recession.

2. We are heading toward a recession.

3. The economy is fine.

Can you spot where this poll went wrong?  They limit themselves to three options, and none of the choices reflect the likely truth.  How about this?

4. We are not in a recession, we are not heading for a recession, but the economy is not doing well.

I’m not saying that is the case, but it’s a valid answer.



  1. This is worth your time?

  2. It took me five minutes to write this post during naps. I’d say it was worth the five minutes… if only to get it out of my head.

    Admittedly, I’ve written more thoughtful posts, and yet many of those haven’t received comments. I can’t win. 🙂

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