Posted by: Ticktock | September 2, 2008

Golf Pants Dads – Bipolar Babies…

Older Dads have it rough.

First, science shows that elderly fathers have babies who die earlier.  Then, science reveals that those same teethless curmudgeons have trouble reproducing (go figure!).  Now we get news that gramps is more likely to have a bipolar baby.

It really isn’t fair.  The Cocoon crowd waited decades to be good fathers, and yet they are constantly beset with genetic paternal difficulties.

This latest report comes from The Karolinska Institute in Sweden and was published in the Archives of Psychiatry.   The study shows that children of older men (age 55+) are 37 percent more likely to be bipolar.  Those bipolar offspring were also twice as likely to be diagnosed with the disorder before the age of 20.

Nobody knows the biological reason for this correlation, but the researchers suspect that these aging baby boomers are firing off damaged sperm.

Bipolar disorder affects 1/100 individuals some time in their lifetime.  It is recognized by intense mood swings and depression.  Despite the results of this study, the odds of having a bipolar child are pretty slim anyway.  Older Dads can relax a bit when thinking about conceiving a child with their lady friends (and wives).  Just because the chances of older dads having a bipolar baby are more likely than younger Dads, does not mean, by any measure, that older Dads have a high chance of bipolar kids.  The trick is that the headlines are generated by the comparisions between older and younger… not the actual rates.

Good luck, you old coots!  Keep aiming for that egg!



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