Posted by: Ticktock | September 11, 2008

Science For The Kids: 9/11 Edition!

OK, so Sid the Science Kid wasn’t very palatable to me at first.  Regardless, I’m starting to regret that review, if only because I feel like they’ve since done a good job of teaching science, but I do stand behind my analysis that there is something wrong with the characters, the songs, and the animation.  So, in the wake of that disappointment, I bring you my picks for this month…

A new computer game is out called Spore.  If you haven’t heard of it, basically this is a game where you can design your own type of creature via simulated evolution.  What a neat way to imagine!  Unfortunately, clever teenagers are already creating monsters that look like walking phallic symbols.  *sigh*  A creationist is already whining about this game on an anti-spore blog, so we know it must be good stuff.

Skeptic magazine has been active for years, but I’ve only just now started buying it.  One of the best sections in the magazine is found on the last few pages – a monthly chapter for children called Junior Skeptic.  This week’s feature in the back is about Crystal Skulls.  Very cool!

If you haven’t had a chance to download Astronomy Cast, then let me be the first to recommend it to you.  I guarantee that each episode will teach you something you didn’t already know (unless you’re an astrophysicist).  The information is laid out in a way that is simplistic enough for children, without talking down to them or shying away from complexity.  Every episode they explain that they not only teach what they know, but how they know it.  If only every science class would follow that same model.


  1. Hi, you might be interested in the recent release of Junior Skeptic on the Skeptic site?

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