Posted by: Ticktock | October 1, 2008

Muslim Smear Still Fooling Ohio Voters!

I just became a statistic today.  I’m one of many progressive liberals to hear the Obama-is-a-Muslim slander that the Rovian hoarde have so shamelessly planted into the fertile imaginations of Bible Belt America.

My neighbor told me that she was “all for Obama until the ‘Muslim’ thing”.  Come on, Grandma!  Do you buy swiftboats wholesale at Sam’s or something?

Barack Obama has been campaigning for months now with more than half the population supporting him, he has spoken eloquently about racism, patriotism, religion, the economy, etc., and yet there are still people who believe that he is a secret muslim.  Unbelievable!

Seriously, you would have thought that this stuff would’ve ended with the Reverend Wright fiasco that painted Obama as a radical Christian.  How can anyone still think he is a muslim after he attended a Christian church for 20 years?  And I’m sad that this even needs to be said, but why should anyone care if he is a muslim or not?  Why should it matter which crazy religion he worships?  I mean, if you’re going to make your vote based on a bigoted viewpoint, at least have the nerve to investigate the slander past the e-mail you were forwarded three months ago.  Or at least own up and admit that you hate black people instead of hiding behind the religious bigotry that is so acceptable here in the heartland.

And now this sketchy anti-terrorist DVD called “Obsession” has been pumped into the homes of swing state voters.  I just received mine today.  Do these people really think we’ve forgotten to hate Al Qaeda?  Where did they get all their funding to send out millions of copies of their DVD, and why are they singling out swing states?  And is it any coincidence that babies and toddlers at a Dayton mosque were sabotaged with a chemical gas attack the day after Obsession was distributed in local papers?  I’m sure that the saboteur is some idiot lazyboy Nascar butt picker who is hypnotized by the voice of Sean Hannity, some moron who watched that free DVD and decided to get off his ass and bomb a mosque.

I’m embarassed to live in this state, this quintessence of America.   Ohio, you suck.



  1. And I just thought it was a boring drive down I-75 🙂 Really, it’s funny to hear how my grandparents mention Obama like he’s going to do something positively evil if he becomes president.

    You should recognize this church if you’ve been down that stretch:
    Picture 012

  2. Yeah… that’s a picture of “Butter Jesus” or “Touchdown Jesus”. I pass by it every day when I direct my plays up in Centerville.

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