Posted by: Ticktock | October 6, 2008

The “Sin” of At-Home Fathering

As if I needed more reasons not to be a christian, I get this gem of a video full of theistic righteousness about at-home dads.  This couple from Mars Hill Church show their spiritual side in a loving display of mockery and scorn for involved fathers.

The wife, Gracie Driscoll, quotes the biblical book of Timothy (later the quote is attributed to Paul) as her source saying that a man who doesn’t provide is “worse than an unbeliever”.  Whew… I was worried until I realized that I am an unbeliever.  Timothy also teaches that a woman should be silent and not teach.  I guess that Gracie is not honoring god, either.  Timothy also says that women should not have braided hair or jewelry, so that puts at-home dads in the sordid company of many Moms out there.  I suppose that women in braids and jewelry should be disciplined and mocked for “maligning the word of God” too.

Gracie also claims that letting a father care for children is selfish of a mother because mothers are “built to be able to recognize what they need.”  So true.  I go blind and dumb every time my wife leaves the house.  And, of course, the Pastor Mark Driscoll says that “statistically” you will have a better marriage and prevent divorce if the man is the provider.  Really?  Where are those statistics?  Statistically, 50% of marriages end in divorce.  I had no idea that the majority of those marriages had fathers as primary caregivers.

Then, Pastor Mark says that there are no examples in the bible of at-home fathers.  But there are examples of fathers offering up their own sons as a sacrifice to God, fathers offering their daughters to be raped by a mob of perverts, and fathers who get drunk and sleep with their daughters.  These stories are straight out of the bible, and the Mars Hill congregation are supposed to accept the interpretations of some random meat head?

In case you needed more reasons not to be a Christian.  Watch John McCain’s favorite pastor, John Hagee, talk trash about at-home fathers.



  1. Right on dude, nice Blog!

  2. I will have nightmares about this couple. Isn’t there an island that we can ship them off to? I’d donate money to that cause.

  3. To be fair, the Book of Timothy is attributed to Paul.

  4. Thanks for the clarification. I was confused by that.

  5. I really think these extremists are interpreting this wrong (not surprising, since they have a tendency toward taking the written words as literally as possible while applying them to our modern terminology; I should know, having been raised in this very tradition). The passage doesn’t say to me that a man cannot stay home to raise the children while the wife works. I take it to be an indictment against men who simply abandon their families. Incidentally, not all Christians interpret things like this the way these radicals do. Most hold much more moderate views than what you see here, even to the point of openly disagreeing with their own church doctrine (Catholics vs. birth control comes to mind).

    Anyway, I am no advocate of Christianity, just thought I would point out what I thought about it.

  6. I am another who is worse than an unbeliever, yet an unbeliever… Kinda hard to wrap my head around that concept.

    It seems that this guy is one of those who has never changed a diaper or spent more than 15 minutes in a room alone with his child…. and according to his wife, this is a good thing (at least she acknowledges that HE is not a good parent… Now if she only was able to take a look at how her own ideas will shape her children, she might be getting somewhere).

    This is exactly how biblically-based thinking leads people to some pretty awful conclusions. IMHO, if a “man” is not able or willing to take care of his own child either in addition to or in leiu of bringing home the bacon, this person is not truly a man.

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