Posted by: Ticktock | October 26, 2008


My friend is having a halloween party next week, and he wants me to be the feature entertainment as a mad scientist.  Does anybody have any suggestions for things that I can do that will be fun and scary?  I really want to try some different things, but I don’t know where to start.  Any advice would be much appreciated .




    Anything with dry ice has a nice effect, though it might be a bit cliche. I saw someone on TV the other day making frozen bubbles with dry ice, some tubing, and some dish soap.

    Sodium hexafluoride is another possibility. People use it as “invisible water,” making light objects appear to float on nothing. I don’t know how to get any of it though.

    Those were the coolest ones I could come up with quickly. I’m sure there’s much more out there.

  2. This is really cool and fairly exciting, but should only be done outside and not with kids around. Get a hold of a glass carboy (NOT plastic), and add a small amount of rubbing alcohol inside (a couple of capfulls should be enough). let the alcohol evaporate some. Drop in a lit match. If done right, you get the most amazing plasma displays as the alcohol fumes are consumed, plus a really great exhaust flame.

    Obviously, don’t be above the carboy when it ignites, and don’t show this to kids that are likely to try and reproduce it. I would practice a couple of times before trotting it out at a party, it takes a bit of practice to time the fumes and the match.

    Like I said OUTSIDE only, and don’t be dumb and use a plasic carboy. It needs to be glass. You will also need to reintroduce oxygen into the carboy after the first burn (blowing into the bottle should do it).

  3. Oh, and obviously this is much better if it’s dark. Please be careful if you try this. Their isn’t any danger of the glass breaking assuming it’s not cracked in the first place as the amount of heat and pressure generated isn’t nearly enough to do that. The pressure is almost all expelled out the top.

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