Posted by: Ticktock | November 4, 2008

Amanda Peet for President!

Amanda Peet’s brother-in-law is an infectious disease doctor, and because of her relationship to a reliable trustworthy source, she has allowed her self to be the voice of the pro-vaccine movement.

The more that Jenny and her friends aggresively pursue vaccines, the further it takes us from true autism discoveries.  Just this week, scientists plugged in the numbers and found that there are much higher rates of autism in areas with lots of rain.  To me, this is an important clue that may point the way to more meaningful studies, such as those that have compared rates of autism to time in front of the television.  If you think about it, rainy weather might keep kids indoors more than those kids in sunnier climates.  Perhaps there is something about being inside that triggers the genetic disorder.  Who knows?

What I do know is that Amanda Peet is awesome, and her P.S.A. is awesome, and people should vaccinate their kids.



  1. […] video is a few months old, but I just saw it at Skeptic Dad’s blog. It’s actress Amanda Peet, the anti-Jenny McCarthy, urging parents to vaccinate their […]

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