Posted by: Ticktock | November 5, 2008

Skeptical Parent Crossing… Coming Soon!

Are you a skeptic?  Are you a parent?  Are you a blogger?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you may want to consider submitting a post for the second monthly Skeptical Parent Crossing.  I’m looking for your best skeptic and science-based writing that would fall under the umbrella of parenting.  I won’t be too picky, so go ahead and submit some time before November 14th when the carnival will be published.

If the submission form doesn’t work (it’s glitchy), you can find my email here.


  1. I am a skeptic, a dad (stayed-at-home for the first year) and a blogger! (And and an SGU fan!) Unfortunately I am a full-time employee and grad student as well, so joining this months carnival or crossing won’t be possible. I just found your blog, though, and will try to keep up! If I have time, I hope to join in at a later date. Thanks

  2. Hi, is this out soon?

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