Posted by: Ticktock | November 14, 2008

Pregnancy News

If you are trying to get pregnantstay away from acupuncture.  Once again, quality placebo-controlled science disproves another claim of acupuncture.  This time the study, published in the journal Human Reproduction, showed that IVF was more successful under placebo acupuncture than actual acupuncture.  Sound familiar?  That’s because this study confirms another meta-analysis study that demonstrated the same thing.  Unbelievably, Dr. Ng, who conducted this new study, is actually saying that placebo acupuncture is better because it’s using acupressure (turning acupuncture into something that is now unfalsifiable), and he still clings to his belief that needling works for IVF, despite his own observations.  Why is it that every time an acupuncture study successfully proves acupuncture, the experiment was not blind or controlled, but when an acupuncture study disproves acupuncture, it is a well conducted double-blind placebo-controlled study?  And why is it that acupuncturists will still claim to help IVF when it has been proven wrong twice now?

If you are pregnantdon’t be afraid to have an occasional beer or glass of wine.  In fact, careful imbibing may make your kids smarter, or so says a London study that noticed better behavior and better vocabulary scores among children with mothers who admitted to having the occasional drink during pregnancy.  I’m sure that this was not the result the scientists expected to find, but if anything, it corrects a long-standing myth that alcohol is off-limits for pregnant moms.  The only time that pregnant women should completely abstain from the wet bar is during the first trimester, but after that, it is fine to have a glass of champagne at a cocktail party without being chastised.

If you are giving birthtry listening to some classic music or lullabies.   Recent studies show that relaxing music actually significantly reduces stress levels.  This one seems like a no-brainer to me, but maybe some moms will need that extra reassurance that Enya is the best choice for their labor & delivery mixtape.  And pregger moms, while you are at it, another study shows that you may want to listen to joyful music to increase your blood flow.  So, may I recommend Vivaldi or something equally joyful?



  1. Not sure about the acupuncture, does it help with getting the weight off? I do agree about the (very) light drinking though. Just as modern medicine tells us one thing is bad today but tomorrow, hey we were just little hasty.

    Do French mothers-to-be drink? Do German mothers-to-be drink? Do… Anything taken to excess can be bad but a little wine or an occasional beer is okay. Just know when the occasionis over 😉

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