Posted by: Ticktock | December 9, 2008

Paranoid About Toxic Toys?

It’s nearly impossible for a parent to know if all the toys in the playroom are safe and non-toxic.   There are home lead tests, but who wants to pay $14 for something that may very well be inaccurate?  You can stick to buying wooden toys, but who really has the patience to filter every toy that isn’t made of wood?

A better option might be to visit The Consumer Guide to Toxic Chemicals in Toys.  They check toys for lead, mercury, pvc, pthatlates, and other carcinogenic toxins.  The best part about this web site is being able to sign up for alerts on toxic toys that are being recalled.  There’s also a recommended toy guide of approved non-toxic products, and there are popular toys like Transformers on the good list too (in case you aren’t a crunchy parent).



  1. This is a great blog. It is so hard to find dad blogs, my husband will be so happy to hear about this one. I agree that the at home lead test is probably not that reliable. We stick to mostly wood toys that are American made for our two-year old. They are the safest toys on the market. We even launched a website selling American made toys because when we started looking for toys last year it was so hard to find them. If you are looking for holiday ideas check us out. We sell toys for kids of all ages. Everything on our site is either made in America or the European Union.

  2. […] you can always find useful tidbits of information like where to find a handy list of “non-toxic toys“, especially now that we have been warned about some of the questionable toys made in […]

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