Posted by: Ticktock | December 14, 2008

My Christmas Letter ‘Zine

Every year, my wife and I have a tradition of sending out a holiday ‘zine.  The idea was inspired by my father’s Christmas letters he sent out every year, which I always enjoyed.  My goal was to upgrade the typical holiday letter to the next level, so I  published the geekiest tongue-and-cheek hipster ‘zine I could muster with articles, poems, recipes, stickers, etc.

The ‘zine comes with a mix CD of our favorite melodic indie rock from the past year.  I’m reprinting my article for this year’s zine, so that any friends and family that visit here for the first time can link to articles that I mentioned.  To those of you who are not personal friends or immediate family, thank you for reading my blog, subscribing to my articles, and for commenting when you had an opinion.  I started this blog in the summer, and as you can see from my ‘zine article, a lot has happened since then.  Here you go…

Many of you may know that I’ve recently transformed into a myth debunking science nerd.  I can’t really explain how it happened.  Suddenly and irrevocably, I evolved into Skeptic Dad and began publishing articles on my new blog called Science Based Parenting. (Welcome!)

This sudden shift to skepticism may seem shocking because I’m sure that some of you know that I’m no stranger to fantastical beliefs.  At one point or another, I have casually fallen for the phenomena of psychics, ghosts, aliens, and conspiracies.  However, in the past few years, those beliefs were always successfully refuted by a community of skeptics using scientific evidence, reason, and logic.

I’m now officially a soldier in the skeptical ranks, ready to take on pseudoscience, the paranormal, urban legends, and alternative medicine.  Since starting my parenting blog, I’ve been honing my skills as a skeptic by challenging… my father on “The Mozart Effect”, my wife on acupuncture, and even Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on vaccine safety.  I’ve interviewed doctors and scientists, I’ve challenged paranormal investigators, and I’ve met and had discussions with respected authors and speakers.

The more myths I tackle, the more I realize how much I don’t know, and how important science is to our society.  I’m learning so much from my journey as a skeptic, and I hope that all of you will visit my blog, make comments, and challenge my arguments so that I can learn more.

Some may look at skepticism as a symbol of closed-minded arrogance, but I see it as a tool to better understand the natural world, as well as a personal reminder of my own ability to be fooled.  I’m just as capable as anyone of being hoodwinked, but by using science and rational thought as a road map to truth, I believe I’ve grown as an individual.

I hope you think so too.



  1. I’m always glad to find other non-theistic parents. Seems like we’re the minority in the blogosphere.

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