Posted by: Ticktock | January 21, 2009

Check Out Skepdad’s Blog Carnival

Skepdad Brad inspired me to start blogging.   He was calling for co-authors to his blog, and I thought to myself that it would be the right time to jump into the fray with my own opinions and experiences.  Obviously, I chose not to deviate too far from Brad’s handle of “skepdad”, but even as my own “skeptic dad” was entirely unoriginal, I imagined that I was filling a niche in which Brad seemed uninterested – the link heavy, myth debunking, topical, science and parenting blog.  Skepdad, on the other hand, is contextually more of an introspective, critical thinking, philosophical skeptical parenting blog, offering more of a thoughtful and intelligent way to approach the same topic.

For the 4th blog carnival for the Skeptical Parent Crossing, Skepdad imagines his fellow bloggers as raw data to be consumed by pygmy marmosets for the purpose of scientific research.  Far more kind than my spittle-inflected tirade as a drill instructor in the 2nd carnival.  As for the 3rd edition?  Well, podblack cat snuck that one past me as I was enjoying the holidays.

How do you clean up the toxic mess from a broken “green” light bulb?  What is the deal with attachment parents latching on to bogus studies regarding the way a baby is faced in the pram?

The answers to those questions are very interesting, and the links are at the 4th Skeptical Parenting Blog Carnival.  Click those links and check out the other blogs… that’s what it’s all about…


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