Posted by: Ticktock | January 31, 2009

This Week in Parenting Science – 1/30/09

Wow.  I’ve been so busy this past week that it just flew right by.  But, as promised, I bring you your weekly dose of  science news that may be of interest to parents.

Baby’s got Rhythm – The media loves to spice up science with clever headlines.  In the case of Istvan Winkler’s study of innate rhythm in babies, the newspapers giddily announced that “Babies are Born to Rock”.  This European study looked at whether the brains of newborns would respond to a mistake in a recurring rhythym, and it turned out that they do.  It makes sense to me.  Babies spend nine months in a womb and the only thing they hear are the comforting swooshings of fluids and the distant pumping of the heart.  The womb is so well insulated from external sound that any noise loud enough to pass through layers of mommy’s tissue must really trigger a neural response.

Boobs Vs. Bottles – The age old war continues, and though there are never any winners or losers, the boob scores, yet again, another point.  This time a study has shown that bottle fed babies are more likely to be abused.  Of all the stupid studies that exist, this happens to be one of the dumbest I’ve come across.  I wonder whether these scientists think they are doing society a favor by studying this stuff.  There can be all kinds of reasons for this statistical relationship, but the numbers don’t change the fact the study is irrelevant and lacks any practical application other than fueling the war between bottle and boob with trivial facts.  I find it appalling that some may infer from this study that bottle feeding your baby will keep you from properly bonding, and thus you will be more likely to abuse your kid.



  1. The breastfeeding sentence should just be turned around. I think a better conclusion would be ‘babies who are abused are less likely to be breast fed.’

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