Posted by: Ticktock | February 12, 2009

Vaccines are Having a Good Week

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the quack who is responsible for rising measles rates, has yet to legally defend himself against the report that he falsified information in his bogus study that connected autism to the MMR vaccine.  One would think that he would sue Brian Deer for libel if he were truly innocent.  But, of course, Wakefield knows that facts are facts, and there is nothing he can do to manipulate them this time.

MSNBC hasn’t made life any easier for vaccine advocates.  Keith Olbermann listed Dr. Andrew Wakefield as the “worst person in the world“, but he also listed Brian Deer as the third “worst person in the world” the very next day.  The antivaccine crowd (David Kirby, I’m looking at you) whined their way into Olbermann’s countdown because they (falsely) claimed that Brian Deer initiated the complaint against Wakefield the first time (untrue, he just investigated it).  Of course, Olbermann didn’t bother to check up on why their was a complaint in the first place (Wakefield was paid by antivaccine lawyers), whether the complaint was valid (his study couldn’t be replicated by other scientists), and whether David Kirby at Age of Autism was even telling the truth (not this time – certainly not other times).

Anyhow, I bring you to the news of the day.  Three test case families, who think that MMR + thimerosal vaccines caused autism in their children, were denied compensation by a panel of “special masters” in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  There are hundreds of other families with autistic children who have lined up to pursue compensation from this special court, but these test cases make it extremely difficult for them to continue fighting.  If the test cases don’t have sufficient evidence to prove the link between vaccines and autism, the rest of the cases aren’t going to have anything either.

I haven’t checked the antivaccine sites, but how much you want to bet that they are whining about “big pharma” and how the government is controlled by corporate lobbyists, blah blah blah?  Of course, they use Hannah Poling, a young lady who was damaged by vaccines and awarded compensation, as an example that autism is caused by vaccines (not really the situation), but when things don’t go their way in the VICP court they accuse the government of being in the pocket of pharmaceutical giants.  Whatever.  These guys are desperately trying to hold onto their conspiracy, and it’s quickly slipping out of their hands.  I expect Jenny McCarthy to blitz the media with more nonsense any day now.


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