Posted by: Ticktock | March 2, 2009

Offit on Vaccines at Babble

Dr. Paul Offit, a pediatrician and vaccine expert, wrote a book called Autism’s False Prophets about the rise of the antivaccine movement.  One of the chapters has been condensed into an article at Babble.

His article reflects the spirit of this blog, and gives reasons why parents should respect the scientific process over what they learn from google.  I’m as guilty as anyone of abusing google, but I would gladly correct any mistake that is not scientifically accurate.  The same can not be said for the single-minded toxin avengers who zealously search for any evidence that fits their claim, while ignoring the peer-reviewed, published science that dismisses their claim.

If you were considering buying Autism’s False Prophets, the preview at Babble is a taste of what you’ll get with the rest of the book.  Remember that the profits go to autism research, so you’ll be helping solve the problem while reading an excellent book.  You’ll also notice that the Babble article references skeptic comedians Tim Minchin and Pen & Teller, which was an added bonus.


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