Posted by: Ticktock | March 18, 2009

Two New Links

Mommy Myth Buster seems to be a parenting blog that could fit in nicely with the regulars on the Skeptical Parent Crossing monthly carnival (hosted this month at Rational Moms).  Angeline just started her myth busting blog last August, which means that you can check out her entire back catalog of posts without breaking your brain.

Lenore Skenazy wrote an article about letting her 9 year old ride the subway alone.  For this, she was demonized in the press as a bad mom.  Now she channels that hot button issue into a blog (and an upcoming book) called Free-Range Kids, which is focused on parenting without paranoia.

Just to be clear, the Free Range Kids site is a blog for sensible parents who give appropriate and safe freedom for their kids.  I want to make this distinction because I was at the park yesterday and, on two separate occasions, 2 year olds came up to me and asked me to put them on the swing – no parent in sight.  I saw one of them later with a bleeding mouth (still no parent).  That’s called negligence, which is more of a crime than a parenting choice.  Free-Range Kids is about giving kids today the same freedom to explore and play the way that parents did when they were children.  I remember exploring my entire neighborhood, finding a bomb shelter in the bushes, picking blackberries, having persimmon wars, looking for crawdads in the creek, and climbing trees.  I hope my children get a similar experience.



  1. Nice post. Thanks for the links to the other practical parenting blogs out there. I love Lenore Skenazy’s blog especially the 9 year old on the sub way alone. I was just recalling the day I was sent to ride the bus alone, all the way downtown and back at 10. Not sure what my mother would have done if I hadn’t come back? Perhaps jump for joy but I did.

    If you are interested I have a back to parenting basics blog as well.

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