Posted by: Ticktock | April 6, 2009

Jenny McCarthy + Larry King Live

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey were on Larry King Live Friday with their antivaccine cohorts. Somebody has to document the parade of stupid that Jenny McCarthy and her pals are bringing to television lately. It might as well be me. The good news is that Larry King gave the medical experts their own segment where they wouldn’t be shouted down by Jenny. The bad news is that the medical experts did not prepare well enough for the onslaught of dumb coming from McCarthy and friends.

I also consider it good news that Jenny has decided to ease off the gas on her crusade to stop vaccines. She does seem to contradict herself when she keeps puking out word vomit about how she thinks we deserve to have deadly diseases coming back because our vaccines are not up to her standard, but she has made it very clear that she believes vaccinations are not inherently bad.

Here are some quotes that I cherry picked. Check out the original transcript for the context. Also representing Jenny’s arguments were J.B. Handley and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel

Handley: This is the CDC schedule. Saying that the MMR — or vaccines do not cause autism because of this one vaccine is like having a plane crash, suspecting chemical failure, looking at one wing, saying that one wing is safe so therefore the whole plane is safe.

Wow. He is talking about the omnibus in which thousands of people CLAIMED that the MMR caused autism in their children. Now he is retracting all the times that he accused MMR of being a trigger for autism? I wonder if he would have had the same attitude if the families had won the autism omnibus. I doubt it.

KARTZINEL: Well, because I think there are a lot of toxins out there that are in the environment. I think the bloated shot schedule that we now have. We’re asking women to get a flu vaccine at six months. And the flu vaccine has never been shown to be safe for fetuses. Yet we’re going ahead and asking our women to take that.

Here is what the CDC has to say about Kartzinel’s claim that the flu vaccine has NEVER been shown to be safe for fetuses. “Yes. A study of influenza vaccination examining over 2,000 pregnant women demonstrated no adverse fetal effects associated with influenza vaccine. Case reports and limited studies indicate that pregnancy can increase the risk for serious medical complications of influenza. One study found that out of every 10,000 women in their third trimester of pregnancy during an average flu season, 25 will be hospitalized for flu related complications.

Additionally, influenza-associated excess deaths among pregnant women have been documented during influenza pandemics. Because pregnant women are at increased risk for influenza-related complications and because a substantial safety margin has been incorporated into the health guidance values for organic mercury exposure, the benefits of influenza vaccine with reduced or standard thimerosal content outweighs the theoretical risk, if any, of thimerosal.”

MCCARTHY: But things like the rotavirus which is a diarrhea vaccine, we say really?

CARREY: If you have access to clean water and health care, it’s very difficult to die of diarrhea.

Again, from the CDC: “Rotavirus is a virus that causes severe diarrhea, often accompanied by vomiting, fever, and dehydration, mostly in babies and young children.

Each year in the U.S., rotavirus is responsible for more than 400,000 doctor visits; more than 200,000 emergency room visits; 55,000 to 70,000 hospitalizations; and between 20 and 60 deaths. Rotavirus leads to about $1 billion in health care costs and lost productivity per year in the U.S.

In developing countries, rotavirus is a major cause of childhood deaths, causing more than a half a million deaths each year in children younger than five years old.”

KING: Isn’t the problem here, Jenny, that people sometimes listen with one ear are going to panic. And not vaccine at all?

MCCARTHY: Probably. But guess what? It’s not my fault. The reason why they’re not vaccinating is because the vaccines are not safe. Make a better product and then parents will vaccinate.

CARREY: We’re not the problem. The problem is the problem.

The reason they aren’t vaccinating is because Jenny McCarthy CONVINCED them that the vaccines are unsafe. So sorry that vaccines aren’t up to Jenny’s standard of absolute nirvana. Jim Carrey offers his pearls of wisdom too. The problem is the problem??? WHA????

OK. So, those were some of the quotes I noticed. They also made a lot more claims that can probably be refuted, but I don’t have time to research them all. Anyone else want to take a stab at it?

UPDATE: David Gorski has a better take down of Jenny and the gang here. Where does he get the time?

Natural Variation Autism Blog has another good dismantling of this Larry King episode here.



  1. McCarthy wants chemical-free vaccines, but I think it would be difficult (and unsafe) to inject vacuum into someone. Someone should ask her to be an activist against dihydrogen monoxide and see how far she gets before she realizes it’s just water. She’s the kind of person who sees big scary words and never bothers to learn what those words actually mean.

  2. ” MCCARTHY: But things like the rotavirus which is a diarrhea vaccine, we say really?

    CARREY: If you have access to clean water and health care, it’s very difficult to die of diarrhea.”

    Ahh, spoken like someone who has never had rotavirus. From experience, I can tell you it is not in the least bit pleasant.

    And, actually, it is quite easy for an infant to die from (or at least be severely compromised by) diarrhea. Not that death should be the only metric by which the worth of a vaccine is measured.

  3. What people do to their own bodies is really none of my business…BUT, we have Jenny talking about toxins in vaccines…and in an unrelated type of article, she discusses her love for Botox.
    If she wants to promote anti-vaccination, there is not much I can do. My children are is her own son. Because she blames autism on her sons one seems to want to mention that her calling for diseases to come back-would in no way affect her sons mortalilty. How bold and arrogant she is with other peoples children.
    I can’t hold her totally responsible for people not vaccinating their kids..I mean, come on-if you are going to listen to the likes of Jenny McCarthy over your own need to take some responsibility…as does anyone who promotes her..(Oprah,operation rescue, etc.)
    I think what annoys me the most is how she talks about people with autism. Shadows??!! What bothers me, is that she is claiming to be an expert (via books) on how to raise autistic children. I read enough in her TIME magazine interview to be totally disgusted. Does she realize that she is talking about people?Oh wait, she co-authored with Dr. “Autism steals the soul from children” Katrzinel…that explains it.
    But then again, what would I know. I’m just a mom of four kids-two of which are on the spectrum (p.d.d. and autism) I have such a different point of view…perhaps if I went on Oprah?

  4. What people do to their own bodies is really none of my business…

    Except that if enough people elect not to vaccinate their children, we lose the very important herd immunity. Below a certain threshold (different for different diseases), the disease gets a foothold, and marginally- and non-vaccinated folks can become exposed to the disease. Cite the measles outbreaks in the UK.

  5. Argh! (That damn itchy mouse finger!) My point is that what Ms. McCarthy is saying DOES affect the rest of us, even if only 10% believe her.

  6. sorry-didn’t clarify…I meant things like botox-meaning, I won’t judge/ condemn someone for doing that…but when one yells about toxins and then injects botulism in their faces-it is a double standard…I agree on her actions affecting everyone..I just think that the only thing I can do to stop her is immunize my kids…it is so very frustrating..All of my kids are so very amazing-and to have them discussed in such a way…and for it to get such media attention…saddens..infuriates and sickens me.

  7. Kathleen–I just wanted to be sure others, perhaps some who are less informed, realized the larger danger that Ms. McCarthy’s screeds represent. I wasn’t calling you out–sorry. She (that blond person) is quite hypocritical about the value of medical science. Of course, that’s not to say we must take all of it, or none of it. But your point about toxins is right on the money. Sheesh!

  8. No offense taken…I just get sooooooo frustrated. This debate and the whole Jenny fiasco has been going on for years now..In essence, it was the same Larry king show-except Ms.McCarthy didn’t yell “bullshit” this time.My question is-what has changed? O.K. so they chose to give new mis-information…what else? I worry about my kids-their future. I worry that proper research can’t be done..or that there won’t be money for programs-all because attention is diverted by this debate.How long did it take to prove that the earth was round? Does anyone think that this debate will ever end?

  9. As they denigrate science and scientists for making the “bad/unsafe” vaccines, thus destroying credibility, I have a couple questions:

    1. Who will WILLINGLY do the research to find the “safe” vaccines, if not these same scientists?

    2. How will Jenny McCarthy know these new vaccines are safe? She doesn’t trust or believe scientists, now. So what magic elixir will convince her, later?

  10. I just want to know- Are all of you serious? What would you do if your child got autism or better yet died from and adverse reaction to a vaccine? Do any of you even have children? Can they inject some toxic mercury and loads of virus in your body?

    • Rebecca – come on! First of all, it’s extremely small amounts of NON-toxic ethylmercury. Secondly, it’s been in vaccines FOR YEARS, so yes, they did inject it in my body. Thirdly, they took the mercury out of vaccines seven years ago.

      What if my child died from a car accident even though she was wearing a seat belt. Would I stop using seat belts?

      • No, Ticktock, you come on! The absolute arrogance of most people who responded he absolutely sickens me. Just because some articulate doctor tells you vaccines don’t cause autism you all buy it. Yeah, but how do you know? You don’t. And neither do I, but to say that vaccines absolutely DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM is as ludicrous as say that VACCINES ABOSULTELY DO CAUSE AUTISM. Unlike the majority of you here, I do have a daughter with autism and the symptoms appeared almost precisely the same time she was vaccinated. Does this mean that vaccines cause autism? No, it does not mean that. BUT neither does it mean that vaccines do not cause autism. Cut back on the arrogance and open your eyes folks. I know it hurts to do that but COME ON HAVE SOME GUTS!

      • Do you have any evidence that vaccines cause autism? This blog looks at the evidence. It doesn’t matter how many times you put on caps lock, I will ask you the same thing. To date, I have yet to see a legitimate peer-reviewed published study that proves a connection between vaccines and autism. On the other hand, I have seen several studies that disprove the hypothesis.

        Nobody can declare with 100% confidence that vaccines do not trigger autism. It’s important to note that we would also find it impossible to say that the following don’t cause autism: tap water, cocoa puffs, television, car exhaust, cleaning products, cell phone radiation, bug spray, or listening to too much Hooty and the Blowfish. But, how would you propose we rule out possible causes of autism other than well-controlled, peer-reviewed, science-based research? And if you agree that science is the best way to test a claim, then you must also agree that we should believe the articulate doctor who is quoting the scientific evidence, and not the playboy bunny.

        I’m sorry that you interpreted my comments as arrogance. I wonder if you accuse me of that because I disagree with you or if I’m actually that offensive. I don’t see how my initial comments support your insult.

  11. What would you do if your child got autism or better yet died from and adverse reaction to a vaccine?

    First, do you know your child’s autism was caused by a vaccination? One event following another does not prove cause and effect. I don’t know the exact numbers of children adversely affected by vaccines, but that number is minuscule compared to the numbers of children who died from the diseases.

    As Ticktock says, the very small number of people who die because their seatbelt held them in place is an incredibly small fraction of those who used to die by being forcefully ejected from the car–usually through the windshield. All of life is risky, and nothing is completely safe.

    I sympathize with parents of autistic or otherwise handicapped children. We all look for external causes for things we can’t control. But if you withheld a vaccination from your child and your child then got sick (or worse), could you live with yourself knowing there was something you could have done, and didn’t? I couldn’t.

    Can they inject some toxic mercury and loads of virus in your body?

    Who is this “they” to whom you refer? You’re assuming an evil intent, here. Scientists, public health organizations, “big pharma,” and your physician would all have to be participating in this supposed conspiracy to harm you and your children. Do you really mistrust your family doctor that much? Do you really believe he/she would recommend a vaccination knowing it was inherently MORE harmful than the diseases it’s meant to prevent? That hypothesis simply does NOT hold up to close scrutiny.

    We all want and need to learn more. But in this process, we MUST keep emotions out of the process. Our irrational fears must not be allowed to guide and inform our researches, because only the facts of reality will lead us to the truth.

  12. Yes, I am serious! My two oldest children have autism-my two youngest do not. All were vaccinated. Vaccines DID NOT CAUSE AUTISM IN MY CHILDREN. I was also very relieved last year, when the measles were spreading through my area.My kids didn’t get sick.
    Autism is not a death sentence. I wish that people were more informed on how it can manifest itself in children. Instead we have IDIOTS like Jenny McCarthy convincing people that this is the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to a child-she diminishes them. My children love and are loved. They have joy. They are valid and valuable. Does being different make them somehow less?
    Check the website that was refrenced on “Larry King”-tell me that someone who claims a cure and then sells a product for over 200.00 with a disclaimer on it…isn’t in it for the money.
    Jenny McCarthy sells ignorance-unfortunately, there are lots of consumers.

  13. Jenny McCarthy is making a whole lot of money off of autism. First she said her child was an Indigo child and not autistic but her Indigo child website dropped of the Net really fast when she gained famed for her anti-vax stance. Now she is hedging on the vaccination thing and is onto a new sale. Her latest is pushing spending time in a hyperbaric chamber (which she does with her son) and claims this too can cure autism AND prevent cancer. She praises one company that sells these chambers and makes it sound like we each need one in our home. Oh – hyperbaric treatment also prevents aging. But really, prevents cancer? My biggest question for JM is if a child who isn’t vaccinated doesn’t “crash” or a person who spends time in a hyperbaric chamber doesn’t get cancer can she deduce that the time spent in a chamber is the reason why. She is a fool.

  14. Jenny McCarthy is making a whole lot of money off of autism.

    Hmm. Pot meet kettle. This is exactly the claim she makes of vaccine makers–that it’s a goldmine for them. Maybe she’s just projecting.

    Now she is hedging on the vaccination thing and is onto a new sale.

    And she doesn’t care how many innocent children she harms, does she?

    She is a fool.

    Oh for sure! But this fool is believed by a lot of very ignorant and gullible people, and kids will be harmed as a result.

    I have no political ax to grind, but the stupid, it burns!

  15. Hi,
    I was just wondering how many of you people on this board have children with autism? It can’t be many. My daughter has autism and it is a heart breaking disorder. Think of what it would be like having a child who cannot speak, has no peer relationships, and is aggressive. We struggle to get through everyday. I have another daughter who is younger and guess what she is not vaccinated. So until you guys can find me a cure for autism my family will no longer be vaccinated, but until then maybe your board should shut it. You are jerks!!!!

    • I do not have any children with autism, but that shouldn’t matter one way or another. Would it be better if I had a child with autism, and I used him to spread misinformation about life-saving vaccines? I speak for the parents who are panicking every time the doctor gives their children a jab. I know because I was one of those suckers who read RFK Jr and believed him. So, I may not have children with autism, but I do have children whom I love and want to keep safe. I do have compassion for you, but your suffering is no excuse to deny your children vaccinations. If that makes me a jerk, then I guess I’m a jerk.

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