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Jim Carrey Goes Solo Against Vaccines


Jim Carrey wrote an article for the Huffington Post about vaccines.  He’s an actor known for his parts in Dumb and Dumber and Cable Guy. I’m sure he’s also a really nice guy.  Here are my answers to some of his comments.  Feel free to add more in my own comments section.

a ruling against causation in three cases out of more than 5000 hardly proves that other children won’t be adversely affected by the MMR, let alone that all vaccines are safe.

The special masters in the vaccine court went over a lot of evidence from both sides of the argument and decided that there is no evidence that vaccines cause autism.  The families who signed up to be a part of the omnibus knew that the three test cases represented everybody.  Jim Carrey seems to suggest that this isn’t fair, but how would he suggest the courts fairly judge thousands of cases with an untrue major premise (vaccines cause autism). Carrey is really careful about his wording, but his argument dances around having to admit that the special court executed his sacred cow.  He struggles with grasping at a new goal post to widen – completely safe vaccines and less of them.

If we are to believe that the ruling of the ‘vaccine court’ in these cases mean that all vaccines are safe, then we must also consider the rulings of that same court in the Hannah Polling and Bailey Banks cases, which ruled vaccines were the cause of autism and therefore assume that all vaccines are unsafe.

The ruling of the vaccine court was not that “all vaccines are safe” nor was it meant to be.  It was that they don’t cause autism.  Hannah Poling and Bailey Banks had other conditions that manifested some features of autism.  These are children with unique, rare conditions who shouldn’t be used as ‘hasty generalizations’ to prop up Jim Carrey’s crusade against vaccines.

cannot be dissuaded by a show of sympathy and a friendly invitation to look for the ‘real’ cause of autism anywhere but within the lucrative vaccine program.

Carrey suggests that there have not been official investigations into the hypothesis that vaccines cause autism.  He is wrong.  The issue has been studied and found to be untrue.  If Carrey would like to continue studying the issue on his own dime because of his distrust of pharmaceutical companies, he is welcome to fund those studies.  As it stands now, he won’t trust anyone but himself and those who believe in his pet sacred cow.

With vaccines being the fastest growing division of the pharmaceutical industry, isn’t it possible that profits may play a part in the decision-making?

This is coming from a man who makes millions of dollars per movie.  It’s been suggested that TV and film causes autism too.  Should we not question his motives for continuing to make movies when there is speculation that they cause autism?

Paul Offit, the vaccine advocate and profiteer, who helped invent a Rotavirus vaccine is said to have paved the way for his own multi-million dollar windfall while serving on the very council that eventually voted his Rotavirus vaccine onto our children’s schedule.

He wrote a book called ‘Autism’s False Prophets’, and all the profits went to autism research.  Some “profiteer” he is!  I wonder whether Jim Carrey has donated all his profits from a movie to autism research.

I’ve also heard it said that no evidence of a link between vaccines and autism has ever been found.

He makes a good point here. No credible evidence of a link between vaccines and autism has ever been found.

These forward thinking vets also decided to remove thimerosal from animal vaccines in 1992, and yet this substance, which is 49% mercury, is still in human vaccines.

He fails to mention that this substance is no longer in mandatory child vaccines because it was removed seven years ago with no reduction in autism.

While ingredients like aluminum, mercury, ether, formaldehyde and anti-freeze may help preserve and enhance vaccines, they can be toxic as well.

Jim Carrey is not a chemist. Maybe he doesn’t know that anti-freeze is not a vaccine ingredient. He probably doesn’t understand that ethylmercury is not the same as methylmercury. He doesn’t mention that aluminum is found in far higher quantities in breast milk and formula.

We don’t know enough to announce that all vaccines are safe!

Well, nearly our entire population is vaccinated. People die from accidents even when wearing seat belts. Should we say they are unsafe too?

we need more independent vaccine research not done by the drug companies selling the vaccines or by organizations under their influence. Studies that cannot be internally suppressed.

Perhaps we should, but then again, independent studies have not been the best example of untainted perfection (Geier & Geier, Wakefield), so perhaps we should be skeptical of making sweeping claims of conspiracy when responding to evidence that doesn’t fit your unwavering belief in a vaccine-autism connection.

*UPDATE* – Go to LBRB autism blog for more great arguments against Jim Carrey.

**UPDATE** – Go HERE for accurate vaccine information!



  1. Nice rebuttal SD. I agree that since Carry is himself in a position to fund, or by virtue if he and McCarthy’s celebrity, be able to raise the funds necessary to start a new study he should do so. Not to mention I don’t think vaccination is a huge cash cow putting out billions so keep the fact that their drugs cause autism on the hush-hush. People have been receiving vaccines since the 50’s and it’s only now that they have been casing autism?

  2. Thank you for this. The greatest injustice with the whole Carrey and McCarthy rabble-rousing is that after all signs have firmly pointed to “no link,” the unvaccinated children under the supervision of misinformed parents will have little legal recourse against these anti-vaccine advocates. There is no accountability for these pseudo-science celebrities. If a scientist misinforms through negligence (e.g., not following procedure, offering advice in a field where she is not qualified, etc.) there are repercussions and consequences from the medical boards. Carrey and McCarthy get to sleep at night, while the unvaccinated continue to suffer and cause harm to themselves and others.

  3. I’m sorry but despite your claims which are not backed by anything whatsoever, I’m going to have to agree with Jim Carrey on this one. Everywhere I look I see big-pharma creating mental health disorders that are nothing more than life and troubles that anyone could have. I saw on the news a few years back that Pfizer was sending samples of prozac in the mail to random people. Bayer knowingly took medicines off the shelf in america and dropped them off in france, spain, china, latin-america containing the HIV virus. Baxter pharma ‘accidentally’ put H5N1 avian flu virus in millions of H3N2 seasonal flu vaccines and sent them out to 18 different countries. This was ‘virtually impossible’ according to the Biosafety level 3 protocal (see wiki). Additionally, the control of Bayer and IG Farben has never exchanged hands over the years following the Nuremberg Trials and the deaths of those in the concentration camps they ran.

    Call me a conspiracy type person here, but the history of these companies in conjunction with Prince Philip of England’s wish to come back as a virus and clear out the vast majority of the human population who has very close ties with these “pharma-families” is enough for me to not trust ANY research coming from the FDA or conflict of interest groups handling their own research.

    You say that there is no connection between autism and vaccines. I say two things.

    1. Go ahead and give them to YOUR children, and
    2. If you believe that the research that is coming out of these places is legit and unbiased in any way shape or form, I have a bridge in London that you might be interested in.

    Wake up. And Jim Carrey is at least trying to shed light on this very important issue. Don’t you want a healthy debate and a serious inquiry into what you’re putting in yourself and your children? Independent TRUSTED and WELL-ESTABLISHED facilities doing testing over a period of time is needed. I’m sorry, but you’re simply wrong and inadequate in terms of offering your views on this topic.

    • @concerned
      My claims are backed by science. If you want the links to the research, you can go to my vaccines page.

      You are committing a fallacy of “poisoning the well” – exemplified by your choice to drag nazis into your argument. I agree that pharmaceutical companies make poor advertising choices, but that does not prove a link between vaccines and autism.

      I will call you a conspiracy type person. Prince Philip would be eradicated by modern medicine if he came back as a virus. I hope he comes back as a homeopathic remedy because then he wouldn’t exist.

      1. I did give them to my children. I will continue to do so. Go ahead and NOT give vaccines to your children. Let them suffer from preventable diseases because that makes so much sense.
      2. I believe in the scientific process. I’m not interested in buying your bridge, but if you would like to offer some EVIDENCE then I’d be a lot more keen to listen to you. I love how you state that my claims are “not backed by anything whatsoever”, but you have nothing but wild speculation to offer in return.

      I might be inadequate in my qualifications, but considering that you don’t trust the experts at the CDC and the scientists who peer review the research, I don’t take that as a valid criticism. I don’t want to silence Jim Carrey. I just want to represent the science-based side of the story.

      • “Prince Philip would be eradicated by modern medicine if he came back as a virus.”

        Because modern medicine has managed to eradicate all kinds of viruses, like the common cold.

    • Isn’t it nice when a concern troll points it out right in their name? Anyway, isn’t it interesting that all the Big Pharma conspirators give vaccines to their own children even after finding out that they cause autism and going to great lengths to hide it for a low profit? Either they hate their children or they actually trust the reported results of their own scientific studies.

      While ingredients like aluminum, mercury, ether, formaldehyde and anti-freeze may help preserve and enhance vaccines, they can be toxic as well.

      I bet that vaccines are even full of toxic dihydrogen monoxide(DHMO)! This scary-sounding chemical is used as an industrial cleaner and solvent, and it’s very dangerous. It can be deadly if inhaled, and the gas form can cause sever burns. Even more concerning, it is found in every type of fruit juice. Shouldn’t you think more seriously about what you are giving your kids to put in their bodies?

  4. @ concerned

    At least with regards to the vaccines and autism, the evidence is conclusive. Children given the vaccine are statistically no more likely to develop autism than children who are not given the vaccine. And this is accepted by the vast majority of autism researchers.

    While it is true that many parents report that their children only begin to exhibit signs of autism following vaccination, that does not mean that the vaccine *causes* autism. Rather, it seems more likely, as Antonio Persico (Lab. of Molecular Psychiatry & Neurogenetics at the University “Campus Bio-Medico” in Rome, Italy) has suggested, that the vaccines are triggering the onset of symptoms in children who will develop autism at some point in their lives.

    • If you have a hunch that your child may carry autistic genes, why on earth would you expose him/her to any of the possible triggers (ie: vaccine)?

      • You say “ie: vaccine” as if that’s the only possible trigger. Everything is a trigger when we are talking about microscopic antigens. If vaccines are a trigger then autism is inevitable… unless you want your child to live in a plastic bubble. That’s been my point all along. If autism is triggered by antigens, then antigens will trigger the genes with or without vaccines. But, again, there is no proof of any “trigger”, just wild speculation.

  5. I’m glad you posted this. It’s a sad state of affairs when loons like Carrey get very large soapbox from which to spout drivel which is not only inane and thoroughly debunked, but dangerous. It’s also clear that the previous poster, as well as Carrey and other vaccine-autism cultists are suffering from cognitive dissonance and nothing will change their minds. Thank you!

  6. I’m not convinced that vaccines cause autism, and, I firmly believe too many children are diagnosed as autistic that really aren’t.

  7. Since the previous poster spent his entire post pointing out that vaccines must be evil since some companies did some bad things in the past, in the same spirit, I’d like to point out that Jim Carrey must be an idiot because he’s never changed hands since being Ace Ventura.

  8. To “concerned”:

    It isn’t a debate. “TRUSTED and WELL-ESTABLISHED facilities” have done testing. Read up. There have been many reputable studies and no link was found.

    Instead of parading around the news spreading damaging fear, uncertainty and doubt, the Carrey’s should be donating some of their large income to reputable science groups doing autism research.


  9. Sir, your rebuttals to Carreys arguments are irresponsibly incorrect; simple responses to a complex subject that can hardly be debated fully in this forum.

    The fact is that some kids do get sick from exposure to toxins and some don’t.

    Your arguments are actually factually incorrect as well. Mercury was not fully removed from all vaccines at the time you claim and if research the history of vaccines, you will find that cases of illnesses such as polio did not go down after the vaccines were instituted (in America) but in fact, went down on a wide-scale basis even in countries that did not vaccinate on the same level as the US.

    A one-size-fits-all schedule is all they are really advocating against and logic is on their side.

    • @ Lori
      Thimerosal was removed from all mandatory childhood vaccines seven years ago. It was not removed from flu vaccines and boosters. I never said it was removed from all vaccines. It doesn’t matter though because the rates of autism have not decreased in other countries that removed any trace of thimerosal decades ago, so your unstated major premise that mercury in vaccines cause autism would still be untrue even we accept your statement.

      The fact is that there are no “toxins” in vaccines. There are risks, but not because of any “toxin”. I don’t mind the argument against “one size fits all”, which is why I didn’t comment on it. Kids with leukemia have to skip vaccines because they can’t handle them. I think kids with similar immune-related disorders should also be exempt.

      I’ll have to remember your story about polio when I’m visiting someone who has polio in the hospital. Oh right… they don’t exist anymore because of vaccines. Once the vaccine was developed and distributed, the incidence of polio dropped by 85-90%. I think you should really check your facts before repeating the brainwashing you’ve learned from conspiracy theorists. I believe your statistical confusion comes from rates of death…not incidence of the disease. I’ll let you check that and come back to apologize.

  10. Why not debunk the issue from someone who knows what they are talking about? Pick someone with some standing credibility, not a celebrity.

    • @unacceptable
      I’m pretty sure that everyone who “knows what they are talking about” are on my side, but maybe you have someone in mind. Jim Carrey posted his article on a very popular blog, and he is a very popular actor. I think I would do my readers a disservice to ignore him.

  11. The people arguing against vaccines really need to include some links with their claims. They sound outlandish, and I can’t find evidence for them after some (admittedly light) searching on the net.

    Polio wasn’t effected by vaccines? It just went away on its own? I can’t find anything to support this at all.

    I’m all for a good conspiracy theory, but you can’t possibly bring those kinds of shocking arguments to the table without something to support your claim.

  12. Having four kids (the two oldest having autism) I am compelled to write. I want so much to respond to some of the above comments-but, this is not my blog-and I believe that TickTock can do a better job than I can. The whole idea that Jim Carrey has any credibility in the vaccine debate is beyond me.
    Yes, I am going to trust Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy over my own pediatrician-you know that person with the medical degree..I guess our neurologist is in on it too.But hey what do they know..They are not celebrities! They don’t “have logic on their side” They also don’t have books to sell…and websites to push very expensive “cures”.
    Yes, I am sure that “concerned” has a bridge in London to sell-he probably bought it from Andrew Wakefield And Lori @teach through love-cite your sources please. Also read Jenny McCarthys latest interview in Time magazine-and then I’ll be happy to discuss logic. Or do you also believe that allowing things like measles coming back would be a good thing as well?

  13. How can anyone in their right mind even believe these big-profit pharmaceutical companies that say that usually no serious side effects happen, other than a localized fever and irritability, as a result of injecting our bodies with these man-made, lab-altered, toxic, deadly chemicals and weakened viruses that they call vaccines? Parents allow this to happen to their kids everyday without question.

    I want to know who the first fool will be to stand in line to get vaccinated when they come up with an HIV vaccine! “Pick me! Pick me! Shoot me up with a weak version of HIV so I won’t get it!”

    • @Tara
      We can believe it because millions of vaccines are administered EVERY DAY without serious complications. Nearly every person in America has been vaccinated. Have you lost your mind? You think there are toxic deadly chemicals injected into every citizen of the planet Earth, except for the unvaccinated? Come back down to Earth, Tara, you forgot your space suit.

      You drink more toxins in a glass of water than you would find in any vaccine.

  14. Oh, did God forget to give us shots before he created us? The human body has a natural, innate ability to heal itself and fight off infections. While many of the diseases we have been vaccinated for have been irradicated, cancer and autism rates climb. Medicine has its benefits, but I believe that the American people really are too quick to accept whatever the medical society says, especially when profit is the biggest motive.

    • Tara, you are beyond saving. When the HIV vaccine is developed and the mechanism for proper inoculation does involved derivatives of the HIV, woe to those who apply simplistic logic (“They’re putting the virus in my body? Illogical!”) to a much more complex, scientific achievement. Years of research oversimplified by Tara.

      I, too, don’t doubt that there are greedy people in this world, and I am sure that the business side of these corporations are imperfect when it comes to ethics. However, you need to understand that these are individual researchers and doctors using years of medical training and schooling in ethics to keep you (and others, especially with vaccines that don’t work due to unfortunate genetic variance) from getting sick.

      The “medical society” doesn’t have profit as its biggest motive. Don’t confuse business people with the doctors and researchers. Even then, the business people would find it counterintuitive to create products that harm people.

      This cynicism and conjecturing outlandish theories to fit your unreasonable world view that everyone is out to get you and get your money is risible. Just be real and read the overwhelming evidence against the link between vaccines (preservatives, etc. and all associated components) and autism.

      Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy need to give the real evidence a chance instead of surrounding themselves with a polarizing group of fear-mongering drones. If you look at where this vaccine-autism link started, you’ll see that the original instigators have been found to have used completely unethical methods to achieve the results they wanted.

      Finally, the burden is on you to educate yourself. The author’s job has been done to put you on the right track. Approach his writing with the same skepticism you should be giving Carrey and McCarthy. You ask the author to deliver everything to you and make no effort to research either camp’s information.

      If you did do any research, we wouldn’t be disagreeing here.

      Side jab:
      You don’t understand the mechanism of the common cold and its persistence. Please read more.

  15. @Tara

    God created us to have 25-30 year life spans, with unbelievable mortality rates and defect rates for children, before modern medicine. Nature’s disease prevention and elimination methods are absolutely and clearly inferior to modern medicine’s ability to heal.

    You are correct, many of the vaccinated diseases have been eradicated, while the diseases without vaccinations have climbed along with increases in population and medical treatment. Thanks for making an argument for vaccinations?

    Perhaps you’re too quick to accept what the conspiracy community says, when attention is the biggest motive.

  16. You know, whenever I hear about the “rising rate of autism”..I wonder how many people understand that the definition of autism has been expanded.

  17. This is a tremendously interesting debate…I haven’t read enough of all of it to start espousing, but I do have a question: If vaccines cause autism, why doesn’t my son have it?? He’s had all his vaccines on schedule from day one. No sign of anything. I’m not being snide, I’m genuinely asking what the arguement is that explains why it isn’t that every kid who has had MMR is autistic?

  18. Thank you so much for this post. I work with women and children, and it is great to be armed with real scientific facts, as opposed to fear mongering. Jim and Jenny are snake oil salesmen.

  19. A half decent rebuttal:

    Vaccine Court: Autism Debate Continues

  20. […] (is that an oxymoron?) would allow conspiracy-skeptic-willfully-ignorant people to do this? I think Skeptic Dad had a great, albeit it brief, and quick response to Jim Carrey. And the looney-tunes came out for […]

  21. I am shocked firstly that everyone is so sure, especially on the safety of vaccines, of themselves. Its pretty sad. One side accuses the other of mindlessly following propaganda, while it does the same extact thing. Listen, do you really trust the FDA, I mean, really. Like you said, there are more toxins in your WATER, well whos in charge of that. I think you all just need to do your research, all things are safe so long as no one says anything. DDT was safe, HFCS is safe and healthy, artificial perservatives are safe, McDonalds is healthy. Bio-engineered food is GREAT. Countries, like Italy that don’t agree (and ban for example american Meat with steroids and Hormones) are backwards and foolish.

    We as a country and a people need to wake up to what is occuring around us. This is not to say vaccines are unsafe, but don’t get too comfortable. Modern Science will not be able to solve all our problems. Believe you me. Rather it will be the source of our most serious maladies.

    Finally, Skeptic Dad, if you’re so scientific you will want further study done by independent sources and should refuse to accept either side with the fervor you are currently accepting the safety of vaccines- with religious-like assurance. Science is not a creed- that’s the whole point.

    • @Really?
      My whole thing is to question the evidence behind a claim. Is there any proof that vaccines cause autism? Yeah, it requires a trust in science to eventually filter the truth to the top, but without science, we would not have known anything about things like DDT and McDonald’s. Vaccines are important enough to public health that they require a certain amount of trust, and right now, the only thing jeopardizing that trust are celebrities, not the evidence.

      I’m not religiously defending pharmaceutical companies or the government. I know both arguments, and I’m choosing the side that uses the available facts as evidence. Jim Carrey should know better than to include anti-freeze as a vaccine ingredient when this has been corrected numerous times. The government, at least, pulls vaccines that are causing problems, and they also compensate families who can biologically attribute any serious adverse events to a vaccine; both are rare events that occasionally happen.

    • Listen, do you really trust the FDA, I mean, really.

      I don’t. I trust data and statistics. I’ve not only looked at papers and their methodology. I’ve analyzed raw data. There is no evidence that vaccines are associated with autism in any way, shape or form.

  22. Vaccine lovers – please continue to enjoy unlimited vaccinations of your children.

    Just don’t try to force them on my children, OK?

    That’s the real issue. You want laws to enforce what you believe in.

    I don’t want laws for or against vaccines.

    Feel free to make your children a dumping ground for any product you want. Just leave me and my kids out of it.

    But you won’t do that, will you? Because you are our saviors.

    And you wonder why people bring up the Nazi argument.

    • @JMFreeh
      As far as I know, there are no laws to force parents to vaccinate their children, and I never advocated such laws. I still wonder why people use the nazi argument because nazis herded a race of people into death camps and deliberately exterminated them. I believe that’s the opposite of helping humanity live disease-free lives, but maybe I’m wrong.

    • All right then. Don’t vaccinate your children, but please don’t let them have contact with people with weakened immune systems or babies too young to be vaccinated; your infected spawn might give these innocent children measels or some other awful illness.

    • That is just selfish, the only reason that your children are still alive and haven’t died of measles or polio is because everyone else is vaccinated.

  23. Putting aside the autism argument for a moment, does anyone know if any vaccines have been tested to see if they are effective? For example, the kind of testing that is done on other drugs before they are released to the public?

    • @Ron
      I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but yes, every vaccine is rigorously tested. They also go through an extensive trial period before being widely released. The CDC has more info on that.

  24. What a load of crap. Injecting a KNOWN toxic heavy metal into babies is good?? This isn’t all. There are cancer viruses and other nasty things in vaccines. the real telltale sign the fact that the same groups who sponsor worldwide vaccines also were the groups who funded the depopulation, or eugenics, programs. If they’re so good, why are so many young girls dying from the HPV vaccine? The Amish never get vaccinated and they never get autism either. Vaccines could be good but they are used to reduce population now. Stop listening to the fools here and listen to Alex Jones. He has all the documentation to back it all up.

    • @dude
      Something tells me that Alex Jones is not a doctor, a scientist, an epidemiologist, or a chemist (you know, the type of people that unanimously disagree with him). The amish do get vaccinated, so you may want to check your facts on that.

    • The Amish also lack television, radio, computers, video games, electricity and buttons, and they don’t have autism. Maybe buttons cause autism!

    • The Amish never get vaccinated and they never get autism either.

      Utter bullshit. Both claims are completely false.

  25. I really have to chime in here because of this vaccine ignorance, the medical field has to work harder under a really strained system. Yes, our natural immune system is best, but some diseases cause such horrific problems that a vaccine is better than not. In the US, we have enough people vaccinated so that people who are so ignorant to not get it, to still live. IN third world countries, the poor people who can’t afford the vaccine dies off.

    Anyone want proof? Look it up in all medical books, look up the history of disease of polio, the plague in europe, the people who refused to believe little bacteria/virus exists. Right now, California is starting to have an outbreak in the school systems because of this stupidity. (Look up school closings.) Funny, how the public system has less of an outbreak.

    About the autism, read about medical statistics, as an example, you have a disease and you die in 10 years, old techniques allows you to find out only 3 years before you die. A new method detects it 5 years before you die. Did you live longer? No, just better detection. Autism is better detected now but there is no conclusive proof. THE Main paper that started this was RETRACTED due to a really bad method. It wasn’t the companies but because they did something like, 10 people got the flu riding the farris wheel, therefore the farris wheel gives people the flu. It is extremely simplied but you get the idea.

    It is your choice but if your child is important to you, read the actual articles or discuss it with teaching hospitals.

  26. It is true that in europe they vaccinate much less and its not for lack of bureaucracy or underregulation- they also have banned GMO’s and they are many food additives common in the u.s. that are not allowed there. Playing down the conflict of interest between big pharma and public health does a disservice to your readers.

    • When I last looked into my vaccination pass, I was fully vaccinated. So no, Europe does not vaccinate less.
      I am fully vaccinated against polio, tetanus, mumps, measels, diphtheria, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and so on.
      Ans so are my kids.

  27. Jim Carey is a great actor.

    But he does not have an MD.

    So, why doesn’t he stick to making the funny movies, and leave the pediatricians and scientists alone?

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m very critical of the medical establishment.

    But I’m not going to take the word of somebody who, let’s face it, doesn’t know what he’s talking about!


    and even better:


    so what about the fact that thimerosal has not been in vaccines for years? are they suggesting that somehow the kids are developing autism sympathetically? because the vaccines used to have it?

    • Yes, that’s how homeopathy works. The current vaccines hold a vibration of the old ones.

  30. What ever happened to the link between Early childhood Television and autisim? Tht looked very promising and then just disappeared.

    • Well, TV would place the blame at the parents’ feet. Can’t have that! It’s Big Pharma and the evil doctors who administer the vaccinations (to their own kids as well—they’re so evil they’ll give their own kids autism!) that are to blame!!! There is nothing wrong with my parenting!!!!!!!!one!1!

  31. What a well thought out rebuttal. I especially like that you called him a “nice guy” before you started. We too often forget that a lot of nice people hold some very strange and ludicrous beliefs.

  32. I still love him, Jimm Carey. Thank for this post. I’ll come back! 🙂

  33. Excellent line by line rebuttal. I shall add your blog to my reader !

  34. I don’t know you. I don’t know if you’re a father who has an autistic child, but something tells me you don’t or else you wouldn’t want to dismiss this so quickly.

    I want to set something straight. The argument against vaccines is not that the vaccine “causes” autism, it’s that it can “trigger” autism in those who are born predisposed (meaning, having the genetic make-up for it).

    I think that in order to really understand autism, you need to be in Jim Carey’s, or any other parent with an autistic child’s shoes.

    • There is no proof that vaccines trigger autism. I understand the argument, but it’s not based on any facts.

      • I know there is no proof, yet. But the fact is that my niece suddenly showed signs of autism after her vaccine. Please understand that any family who is dealing with that kind of situation, is bound to find the vaccine suspect. I believe that more research needs to be done.

        Just think about it from your own parent mind for one second. If you knew that autism ran in your family, wouldn’t you think twice about exposing your toddler to a “suspected trigger?”

    • My nephew has autism. We discovered it early, at about 2 years old and luckily he has some great intervention happening right now.

      Most vaccinations occur very early in a child’s life:

      Autism cannot really be diagnosed until children are old enough to be starting serious language development:

      The fact that two events, being vaccinated and being diagnosed with autism, happen within such a short period of time of each other does not mean that there is a causal relationship between the two. It is a common logical fallacy to make the assumption that because event A happens near the time of event B that there is a relationship between the two.

  35. People fear change and they fear hurting their children even more. If you are a parent and you had your kids vaccinated, you don’t want to hear that you may have put them in danger. You will defend your position to the end. This is called denial to preserve self. I have personally witnessed with my own patients, severe adverse reactions to vaccinations in an otherwise normal babies. I have friends(doctors) who have witnessed the same. Our voices have no money or Big Pharma behind us. Don’t tell the people who have seen it, felt the pain, and watched kids lives changed, that it doesn’t happen. Scientific studies are not scientific at all. Your ignorance of how these studies are performed is keeping you in your safe place of denial.

  36. Thank you so much for this post. I would have commented on Carrey’s post, but it was so flooded with True Believers that it would have been pissing in the wind. More effective, perhaps, would be to contact Arianna Huffington to suggest that it was irresponsible to publish Carrey’s spew in the first place.

    As a health writer who recently interviewed several pediatricians on childhood vaccinations, I can tell you they are seriously upset by the damage stories like Carrey’s are doing. Vaccination is one of public health’s greatest victories over childhood diseases. We forget what killers these diseases can be.

    • Childhood diseases are a guarantee that you will not get it ever again in your life. Vaccinations can cause autism and death in the worst cases. Vaccinations are the culprit for allergies, respiratory problems, ADHD, digestive illnesses, and development and growth problems, that apart from autism and deaths.

      childhood diseases are observed in normal children as resulting in a leap in their development afterwards, they are a positive stage, and again they leave you immune for life.

      It is not just the reactions of fever and malaise, it is brain damage. Doctors and scientists know it, mad

      • @adelle
        You forgot to point me to evidence that vaccinations are the “culprit” for autism, allergies, adhd, digestive illness, and growth problems. Hint: you may want to talk to a reputable scientist or doctor first before making these unsubstantiated claims on science blogs in the future. It’s important to check your facts, or someone could just tell you that orange juice makes you retarded, and you’ll never drink orange juice again. What is your method for determining fact from crap?

      • Firstly, contracting a childhood disease does not necessarily provide lasting immunity, a classic example being chickenpox which can lie dormant and recur in later life as shingles. Tetanus and diptheria toxins present during infection do not stimulate the production of antibodies but their corresponding toxoids DO when administered in the DTaP vaccine! I researched the evidence for a correlation between childhood vaccination and onset of allergic disease for my fourth year dissertation (I have a Bsc immunology Hons); not only was there no credible evidence of a link between the two but many studies suggested that certain immunizations (such as BCG) can help to increase the magnitude and duration of a Th1 type response. A Th1 type response is the exact opposite of the type of response that causes allergies, this is a Th2 response. Finally, I’d like to know where you found the evidence that childhood disease increases the rate of childhood development was it by any chance Rudolf Steiner!?

  37. […] by someone who doesn’t understand science. I’m not linking to it, but I will link to Skeptic Dad at Science-Based Parenting, who rebuts in detail the Carrey post. Nice job. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

  38. The most obvious thing I took from Jim Carrey’s article was the fact that when a company stands to make more money from doing the wrong thing ….. that is what sometimes happens. This is a factor to take into consideration. The other thing to be considered is ignorance. What seems to be a good idea today ……. with further trials and the passing of time …… often is seen as a mistake later. The thing that disturbs me is the government making vaccinations mandatory. I have read of judicial intervention in making chemotherapy and other procedures mandatory for parents of children with particular illnesses. The schools in some states make it very difficult to attend school if certain vaccines haven’t been administered to their child. Long term side effects on humans are difficult to ascertain …… cause and effect are not always easy to prove ….. even if there is an obvious link in retrospect. Both sides of this debate should strive to be open minded. Not an easy state of mind to adopt.

  39. Here I am AGAIN..with two autistic kids..No I don’t believe nor did I ever believe that autism was triggered by vaccines. My oldest have autism-my two youngest do not. ALL were vaccinated without hesitation. My MEDICAL doctor and NEUROLOGIST-people who bear the title DOCTOR because they went to medical school do not beleive that vaccines caused the autism in my children. They are not making huge bucks backing pharma companies. They do however keep informed and up to date on all issues.

  40. I’ve done quite a bit of reading on the issues as well, and one thing I’ve noticed about the autism vs vaccines debate pretty much comes down to this…

    You have one side saying vaccines are causing autism, with another side saying that it’s likely genetic. Placing the blame on genetics means that autism becomes a crap shoot — no clear cause and solid treatments are hard to create, something that parents and guardians of autistic individuals do not want to hear. Parents do not like uncertainties, and the reality is that autism is an uncertainty: there’s no clear way of predicting if a child will have it until symptoms first show, and treatment is uncertain as well.

    Placing the blame on vaccines gives parents what they want: a clear cause, meaning something against which to target treatment efforts. Parents like this because it gives them hope that a “cure” will be available one day and their child will be able to lead a somewhat normal life, whereas right now, following current accepted practices in the psychiatric community, treatment for autism is still up in the air.

    And one thing I’ve seen as well is parents so hyped on the thimerosal claim that they’re actually calling for chelation to be a viable treatment for autism. Except what they don’t realize is that thimerosal is currently used in only one vaccine given to children, and that’s the influenza vaccine.

    Plus did you know that thimerosal used to be marketed as a topical antiseptic under the trade name Merthiolate? Look it up. Bill Engvall had a short jab about that on the first Blue Collar Comedy Tour audio CD.

    And for those of you who think that there’s a profit motive behind vaccines… actually far from. Vaccines are heavily regulated by the FDA and international standards bodies, and their prices are heavily controlled for the most common vaccines. Google “Vaccines for Children program” for information. Several pharmaceutical companies have left the vaccine market for that reason, and the price controls along with the increasing cost of regulatory compliance and licensure are blamed for vaccine shortages.

  41. The unfair randomness of a having child suffer a dehabilitating disease where no clear cause can be determined is truly heartbreaking. But it is not a good excuse to eradicate something that, on the other hand, saves millions of lives.

    It is all too human to want to place blame on somebody or something for the bad things that happen in life. Thousands of years ago, people blamed Poseidon for earthquakes and Zeus for thunderstorms. Then it was God. Now it is modern medicine or George Bush.

    If people would actually take the time to educate themselves on a regular basis about science, politics and economics in general, they would be able to understand how much the world as a whole has improved, particularly those who live in the United States.

    Yes, it is horrible when tragedy strikes your family, but most of the population enjoys a better standard of living now than they did in past. Going backwards scientifically speaking, is not only ignorant, it is dangerous.

    This world will never be a Utopia, and to believe that it can be, is a childish fantasy that prevents intelligent people from moving forward in continuing to make this world a better place to live.

  42. So you all trust the MD’s eh? What about all the SSRI’s (prozac, wellbutrin, paxil, etc.) that have been PROVEN to make people kill people and are still prescribed by the millions? Yall know those drugs are involved in every school shooting in the USA?
    Yea, those MD’s who are on the pharmaceutical companies payrolls, yea, they are really interested in your health. What a joke.

    • Your ignorance is amazing. Why not try linking other drugs, like daily vitamins, to killers. OMG, they contain iron! Ignoring physicians who dedicated their lives to help you is the real joke here. When you get near the end of your life, I only hope the physicians caring for you are compassionate, dedicated, and everything else that you’re not.

    • Hey dude, give me any subject and I can punch a hole in like what you did with SSRI. The human body is very complex, its assumed there is a third of us out there with our organs reversed (situs inversus) and no problems. EVERYTHING can cause problems, including water. (Look up the woman the died on the radio show.) Now, go look up how drugs are categorized, and the statistics on them.

      What you are saying is that if a drug has (I’m making up this number.) 1 death per 100,000, we should pull the drug and let 99,999 people suffer? Medicine is not perfect but look at how much longer we are living these days.

  43. This should not be a debate about whether or not to vaccinate, but a parent’s right to choose if and how their children are vaccinated.

    I’m somewhere in the middle of all of this. I believe the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks, by sheer numbers, but I don’t believe the current schedule for vaccinations is uniformly safe. Yes, most kids seem to do fine, but I’d rather be a bit cautious. After doing some research, I feel that a middle ground can be found through selective immunization, with a more gradual approach to allow a child’s immune system to fully integrate each shot.

    I’m still researching what I think will be the best schedule for my own children, and in the meantime, am choosing not to vaccinate until I can make a fully informed decision.

    If more people would stop just taking what Doctors, profiteers, well-intentioned celebrities, the media, whoever without question, and learned to do their OWN research, this issue wouldn’t be so hot. Despite popular belief, Doctors and medicine are not responsible for our well-being. WE ARE.

    We should never abdicate our responsibility to care for our families to anyone, and learn to look at evidence for ourselves, and make decisions based on what we believe to be right for our families (providing that they are within solid ethical and moral boundaries).

    We are no better than so-called “Big Pharma” if we simply close our eyes and make blind decisions based on what Dr. So-and-so or Mr. Big Celebrity says or even Mr. Very Authoritative Blogger says. 😉

    Excellent post…though I think arguing is pointless. Personal responsibility and informed consent go hand-in-hand. The majority of Americans practice neither.

  44. […] won’t go into anything more Carrey says; you can read the smackdowns at Skeptic Dad and Left Brain Right Brain to see many other things he says which are completely wrong. More will […]

  45. Tell Jim Carrey that hw is wrong about vaccines and autism from Autism.Change.Org:

    All the publicity surrounding the claims of a vaccine-autism link has diverted attention and energy away from focusing on issues of pressing importance to individuals on the autism spectrum including education and schools, services, employment, and housing.

    Ask Jim Carrey to reconsider his statements about vaccines and autism and, if he wishes to advocate for autism, to rather direct his energies to support services and education for individuals on the autism spectrum.

    The suggested text of the letter. Feel free to compose your own message and post it at the link, above:

    Dear Mr. Carrey,

    I have read your recent article in The Huffington Post, “The Judgment on Vaccines Is In???” in which you assert that “We don’t know enough to announce that all vaccines are safe” and that further research about a possible vaccine-autism link is necessary. Further research has and is being done, and the scientific evidence refuting this hypothetical link is steadily accruing. Nonetheless, this issue continues to hold the attention of the public and of parents who have become fearful of vaccinating their young children.

    It is unfortunate that, due to your celebrity, many people will listen to your statements about vaccines and even decide not to have their children receive the vaccines that are important for their health. Please reconsider your statements about vaccines and autism and please rather direct your energies to supporting services and education for individuals on the autism spectrum.

    Feel free to spread this, as well.

  46. Just to clarify one other myth. Doctors that work FOR the Big Pharm companies do have to tell you they do. Trust me when I say that if they were working for the big companies, they would not have a clinic since they make more money outside of it. True Doctors used to have “perks” (which I’m opposed to even though I’m going into the field.) from those comp but now, they can’t even get a pen to write on and free samples are being threatened too. (BTW, the research that says free samples increase costs to people who pay… look at who sponsors those studies.)

    For anyone really skeptical about your doctors, go shadow one for a day and see if they really are plotting to hurt their patients. If everyone educated themselves, it would make everyone’s lives easier but unfortunately, its easier to listen to new fads in Hollywood.

    • I think many of these replies are a visceral reaction to what Mr. Carrey said. There are problems in the FDA. Doctors who are in the FDA are allowed to own stock in the pharmaceutical companies who’s drugs they are judging as being safe for human consumption. That is definitely a conflict of interest. It doesn’t mean, and Mr Carrey didn’t imply, that your family doctor or most doctors are paid off by the pharmaceutical companies. If you do a little research on lobbyists in Washington DC you will see how companies can influence people who make decisions that effect us all. Pharmaceutical companies spend, on average, twice as much on marketing as they do on R&D. Bad reactions to vaccines and the potential lawsuits are not paid for by the pharmaceutical companies …… they are paid for with your tax dollars. Check it out. Pharmaceutical companies also do good things …. I don’t mean to make a blanket condemnation of these companies or the people who own and work for them. It’s good to know what’s going on …… and thank you Mr. Carrey for addressing the topic ….. let’s face it ……. he tried to do what he thought was the right thing to do. Can’t we just talk and try not to rip each others face off?

      • Anti-vaccers have LOADS of money to make with their claims. Wakefield stood to gain money in a lawsuit against vaccine manufacturers; many of the anti-vaccination advocates make oodles of money off of alternative “detox” therapies meant to get rid of the oogy-boogy unspecified “toxins”. The anti-vaccine movement was created by profit.

        Vaccines are not very profitable. If Big Pharma wanted to make money, it would be better off letting people get sick and then selling medications to treat the symptoms of measels, mumps, etc. A polio vaccine sells for a lot less than an iron lung.

  47. I’m sure Jim Carrey means well, like many of the people leaving comments. He’s also horribly misinformed, like so many of the people leaving comments.

    It’s a sad state when our world can be so affected by celebrity. Another case in point, Ashton Kutcher on twitter? SCARY

    I hope that, despite all odds, people will begin to make decisions based on facts, not stupid feelings that the cash hungry doctors are out to get them.

    Thanks for the rebuttal, I enjoyed the reading.

  48. Where can I find a complete guide to debunking vaccine myths for friends and family? I feel like I don’t know enough about this issue to reassure someone who is considering not vaccinating their child.

    • @Tim Bennett
      Dr. Ari Brown is pretty mainstream, and I interviewed her not long ago about vaccines. She is very passionate about the subject and very well informed. You can read her vaccine information packet here…

  49. Just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic rebuttal of Mr Carey’s evidence-free assertions.

    In the UK most be people seem to be coming round to the idea that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism. One person who made a particular effort to combat the slew of misinformation on this subject is journalist/doctor Ben Goldacre.

    • Unfortunately the damage in the UK is already done. Reports I’ve seen suggest that measles is once again endemic. This is heartbreaking since the UK managed to eradicate measles endemically before the US and many other European countries.

  50. […] they been advocating. I won’t go into anything more Carrey says; you can read the smackdowns at Skeptic Dad and Left Brain Right Brain [edited to add: and Opposing Views] to see many other things he says […]

  51. I’ve never understood the crusade against vaccines. Do people realise that huge numbers of third-world children die precisely because they don’t have the vaccines clearly available to us in the West? Even if vaccines WERE causing autism, it would be a far lesser negative than herd immunity to common diseases is a positive.

  52. Third world vaccinated children are dying!

    This is a fact. In countries in Africa, where they vaccinated children (the UN, WHO, NIH) they were kind enough to bring havoc.

    As poor malnourished children immediately react to those vaccine, their immune systems cannot take the bombardment.
    What is called AIDS is widespread there, in those countries where the UN and co. were so kind as vaccinate the poor society.

    ANDERWRIDDLE – the following is a riddle-:

    Kindly look and find out which countries in Africa have had vaccinations for their population and which have so called AIDS and you will find the immune defeciency connection.

  53. The overdiagnosis crap: Now do you need a parent to be very clever to diagnose the connection between vaccine and the child turn indifferent,where it was lively before the vaccine.

    Screaming in a sharp voice that was never heard before the vaccine and after.

    Or to interpret the video showing the child, before and after the vaccinations where the conduct is completely backwards.

    You would think the parents are daft.

  54. My oldest did not begin to show true signs of autism until he was 12 months old-it was a gradual change..vaccines had nothing to do with it. I have yet to hear of a case where a child was given a shot and “instantly” became autistic..I could also show film of my kids vibrant and lively-and also show films with them banging their heads against the wall-I could have made those films on the same day.
    Unfortunately genrescue and the like give a portrayel of autism only in its darkest moments. They also like to sell cures-AND if they can persist in trying to convince parents that vaccines did this…and by the way, they have cure methods for the “vaccine injured” children. They do generate a lot of “funds”
    Another point I think that people need to understand is this-Autism is NOT a disease. It is a neurological disorder. It is not a death sentence. There are adults in the world on the spectrum-lots of them. We tend to forget that autistic children grow into autistic adults.
    What upsets me is the popular idea that if your child is autistic-thats it-end of story-no hope no life. I speak from my own experience-and from working with many parents. One of my sons was diagnosed with “autism” Meaning, at the low end of the spectrum. He didn’t speak-he didn’t sleep-he was violent-he hurt himself. I did not seek “cure” therapies. I did not put him on a special diet. I worked with him, along with speech and occupational therapy. My son at 8 years of age, speaks, attends regular school, in the appropriate grade. He reads, does math, plays. Is he different? absolutely. Does this differance mean he won’t have a life-away from me-a career, a love interest, perhaps a family. No, it does not.
    This entire vaccine debate…autism is worse than death argument, scares the hell out of me. How am I supposed to ask my kids to be in a world that sees them as less. That is what this debate and the likes of genrescue does.
    Sorry for lecturing on your blog. I am just so aggravated by peoples ignorance.

  55. I meant using your blog space for my lecture! Your blog is great..

  56. […] “Jim Carrey Goes Solo Against Vaccines” (Science-Based Parenting) […]

  57. […] by the cacophony of jaw dropping nonsense emanating from Huffington Post’s contributors. From Jim Carrey’s anti-vaccine rants to recommendations of preventing swine flu with colon cleansing and New Age inanities about praying […]

  58. Vaccines could cause autism. Just like Jim said, not everyone who smokes gets cancer. Even if vaccines do cause autism in some kids, we cannot just get rid of all vaccines because more kids would be sick from other diseases.

  59. cancer is a disease-autism is not. comparing vaccines and autism to smoking and cancer is nonsensical.

  60. I guess that is why the drug companies need government to mandate vaccines to everyone, without regard to safety, or infection in the vaccines themselves. No one is monitoring what they are putting in the vaccines, they are more harmful that we are being told. I applaude Jim Carrey as I did with Jerry Lewis and Bono and Audrey Hepburn – all actors for a good cause.

  61. As someone who has actually done medical research, those people that are saying no one monitors what they put in vaccines are absolutely false. All vaccines are heavily tested and manufacture is highly monitored. Yes, there are some unethical people in the rsearch and monitoring field, but that can be said for any group of people, but this by no means describes the vast majority of researchers that are hardworking ethical people (and who mostly don’t see a dime of profits and are underpaid, not too many researchers cand send their kids to private school, let me tell you).
    The fact is that if vaccines really had anything to do with autism, we would be seeing more cases of autism by several orders of magnitude.
    And yes, I am a father and have been called a high-functioning autistic myself, so please don’t say “if you had children…”
    One other thing, if you don’t want your kids to have vaccines, no one requires you to do so. They do require that you sign a form stating that you are opposed to vaccination if you choose not to have your kids vaccinated. It is criminally easy to get this form. All you have to do in most cases is say you can’t find your records and they hand you the form to skip the vaccines. The idea of widespread forced vaccinations is laughable.

    • it’s not that people are being forced. They are being deceived to believe that they are protecting their children/themselves. the true reason for the vaccines is population control. not only that but they actually destroy healthy immune systems.

      • Hmm… yeah… population control. Perhaps you should check out the population trend in the United States and the world before you spout your conspiracy theorist nonsense.

        The US Census Bureau estimates the current US population at approaching 308 million and the current world population at approaching 6.8 billion (up from around an estimated 6.7 billion two years ago), and the current trend is for the world population to grow by another 100 million people every 12 to 15 months with the US gaining one person to the population every 11 seconds (after deaths and other reductions are taken into account).

        If vaccines are actually for population control, someone should tell the “powers that be” in the “New World Order” that they’re failing miserably.

      • logan, that’s just incoherent. If our immune systems prevent and resist disease by recognizing and destroying pathogens as medical science claims, immunization has no mechanism to damage them. If the introduction of weakened viruses is damaging to the immune system, than it doesn’t have a function in preventing and resisting disease. You have to pick one: either you deny the germ theory of disease or you accept the efficacy of vaccination for training the immune system.

        If you’re going to sit there and just flat out deny observed reality, at least try to be consistent about it.

  62. Ah here it is again,,,the RIDICULE of anyone who Ventures Out of the CAVE of Ignorance. People, smart, caring people, who have seen their children’s lives DESTROYED, withing VERY CLOSE Time Proximity to the injection of the vile Witches Brew Vaccines, have to endure the RIDICULE of small minded opinionated Protectors of the Status Quo as they INVOKE SCIENCE. “Science” – especially Vaccine (Pseudo Science masquerading as Science) is up at the Top of the List for Taking the Health of Humanity in exactly the WRONG DIRECTION. As a scientist, I tell all of you who think Vaccines are BAD, Stick to your Guns…you will win, you will be Proven Right ultimately, and when a Society that is FREE to Really Research and Really Publish the Truth, and probably not before. Hang in there,,,the Naysayers will move on to RIDICULE someone else.

  63. You need only look up the Vaccine Injury Table, from the national Vaccine Compensation Program to see a list of diseases, and conditions, and causes of death. There are just a few actual named diseases that have been legally deemed (form compensation purposes) to have been caused by a vaccine but there are countless conditions, including death that are compensable as a vaccine induced injury, disability, or death. Within the national vaccine injury compensation program are two courts or two kinds of court hearings. The court that every one on this blog is discussing is the one that formally adds a specific disease to the existing list, such as Chronic Arthritis or Vaccine-strain Polio Viral Infection. Although this specific hearing concluded that the evidence presented did not meet their requirement to be added to the official Vaccine Injury List, 1,500 other cases of autism were deemed eligible to receive vaccine injury compensation. The only difference is that these 1,500 individuals cases just outlined the physical injuries without using the word “Autism” and without asking the court to declare Austim was caused by the vaccine. The US government has established this trust fund for vaccine injuries and deaths after drug companies threatened to stop making vaccines due to all the lawsuits people were filing. So, the facts are that vaccines do cause injuries, disabilities, and death. The fact is that the US government has established a national trust fund to shield drug companies from all the law suits people who are or who have children who are harmed, injured,or killed by these vaccines. The “anti-vaccine” people are just people that weren’t informed of the risk to them or their children and who believe they should have been. They believe that vaccines should be made safer and since they carry the risk of harm, injury, disability, and death, that they should be used carefully and not over used and they believe that it is the overuse, too many-too often that is causing the greatest harm. They are sick of being told “don’t think about it”. They are scared when their doctors don’t want to talk about it or threaten to drop them as patients when they try to discuss it with them. Only with vaccines is it typical to be treated like this when they ask questions. The science that created vaccines is over 200 years old. Vaccines are just the cheapest means of protecting people from disease but even Dr. Sach warned authorities that there would be those that received the vaccine he created who would be injured, disabled, or die from the vaccine. The government, in the middle of a polo outbreak made an acceptable loss of life from the vaccine for the good of the whole. Today, its not right for drug companies, health authorites to continue to make an acceptable loss of life and ability to countless children by misleading parents into believing their is NO risk for their children by adding more and more vaccines without any adverse efforts and what to do to reduce them information to those that receive them.

  64. You attacking the messenger does little to counter the fact that there is a link between vaccines and mental disorders. Some of Jim’s points are completely valid and if you look at the evidence objectively at the very least you will then have to admit that it’s very suspicious. There has been confirmed cases of autism caused by vaccines. Come on some kids even have seizures and die right after getting a vaccine shot, just look up the videos and research already done it’s out there, it’s not because the western world vaccines are better now than they were 10 years that it’s harmless….check out the vaccines being used in 3rd world countries? The fact that it’s so hard to prove causation when some of the most powerful and wealthiest corporations are defending the other side makes this an uphill battle and of course most of the population stand with big Pharma, much like ppl used to agree that tobacco was healthy for you since so many doctors said so.
    Open your mind and do your own research, the facts are out there and Jim is closer to the facts than this big Parma tool’s response.

    • There haven’t been any confirmed cases of autism due to vaccines. In fact, the autism omnibus proceedings showed that there wasn’t even enough evidence to prove that vaccines and autism were linked, even when the best cases were presented before the vaccine court. It’s not hard to prove causation, the vaccine court will give (and have given) individuals the benefit of the doubt and rewarded them money if they can prove within a 51% doubt that vaccines caused damage, which is a very rare occurrence.

      The facts are out there – I link to them on my vaccine page. Al, do you know who discovered that smoking was bad for you? Scientists. Do you have any evidence that would convince scientists? Also, smoking did not save lives like vaccines have done. If you were to remove vaccines from our culture, diseases would prosper and people would die. So, you’d better have rock solid evidence that you’re right before you believe the people “out there”. Hint: Jim Carrey is not a scientist.

  65. I love it how people like to use big words to make themselves look more educated on the subject. I am a vaccine researcher. I have been for almost 5 years. I have studied hundred of peer-reviewed articles published in the world’s most prestigious, respected journals that prove vaccines are detrimental, especially to children. I had to type my two sense here after reading some of the comments, but it would ruin my night here to list all studies. My suggestion: go to the library, look up the journal articles- it takes time but they are there, read them, decide.

    • Please just list one study. But thanks for adding your two “sense”. I’m sure my readerz will take it under advizement.

      • Bishop N.J., et al. “Aluminum neurotoxicity in preterm infants receiving intravenous feeding solutions” New England Journal of Medicine 1997; 336 (22):1557-62. A particularly interesting article that compared the neurologic development of around one-hundred premature babies who were given a standard intravenous feeding solution that contained aluminum with babies with who were given the same solution with the aluminum filtered out. The infants who received the solution with the aluminum (on average 500 mcg, 50mcg per day for 10 days), showed impaired neurologic and mental development at eighteen months of age, compared to the babies who received the ‘clean’ solution.
        The FDA requires an aluminum warning on all other injectable medications, except vaccinations. According to the FDA (Rappaport, B. “Document NDA 19-626/S-019.” FDA: Office of Drug Evaluation II, Center from Drug Evaluation and Research (Februrary 13, 2004): Section 3a. “Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates, who received parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 micrograms per kilogram of body weight per day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity”. Dr. Robert W. Sears in The Vaccine Book equates this to about 10 to 20 mcg for a tiny newborn. The FDA’s website also states: “Studies show that aluminum may accumulate in the bone, urine, and plasma of infants receiving TPN… (an IV feeding solution containing no more than 25mcg per day for adults)… Many drug products used in parenteral therapy injections may contain levels of aluminum sufficiently high to cause clinical manifestations… parenteral aluminum bypasses the protective mechanisms of the GI tract and aluminum circulates and is deposited in human tissues. Aluminum toxicity is difficult to identify in infants because few reliable techniques are available to evaluate bone metabolism in infants. Although aluminum toxicity is not commonly detected clinically, it can be serious in selected patient populations such as neonates and may be more common than is recognized”.
        Note that preterm neonates are vaccinated as scheduled here in Ontario, and no studies have been conducted on healthy babies without impaired kidney function, so it can’t be assumed that any level of aluminum above the noted is safe for these individuals. In addition, babies are not screened for kidney strength prior to vaccination and therefore it is impossible to know ahead of time which babies will be more susceptible to aluminum poisoning.
        The following are some examples of the aluminum content in common vaccines: Prevnar 13 (our new Ontario vaccine): 125 mcg
        Pentacel (DTap, HIB, and polio combo): 330 mcg
        Hepatitis B (Recomnivax)- 250 mcg
        Infanrix (DTap): 625 mcg
        Pediarix (DTap, Hep B and polio combo): 850 mcg
        Hepatitis A (Havrix): 250mcg
        HPV (Gardasil): 225 mcg, (Cervarix ): 500 mcg
        HIB (Pedvax): 225 mcg

        In the US, where the Hep B vaccine is given at birth, 2 and six months of age; the DTaP shot (Infanrix) is given at 2, 4, 6 and 15 months; HIB (Pedvax) at 2, 4 and 12 months, PC (Prevnar) at 2, 4, 6 and 12 months, and Hep A at 12 and 18 months, a baby following the CDC immunization schedule can receive nearly 5000 mcg of aluminum by 18 months of age. To put this into perspective, at their two-month checkup (weighing about 12 pounds), where they receive 1,225 mcg of aluminum, they are getting 50 times more aluminum than safety levels allow, and if the baby was preterm, that amount is much higher.

        There are examples like this everywhere, as I mentioned earlier, you just need to look for them. In this case, I know it does not ‘prove’ that the aluminum in vaccines would be detrimental to normal, healthy babies, but it does so for preterm infants, who also, as previously mentioned, receive their vaccines on the recommended schedule, at least here in Ontario. I really wish I could type out more, give you some more examples, but I really would be here forever. If you dig deep, really deep, you would learn things about vaccines and their histories that would shake you to your core. I would love to talk about it, let you in on their dark secrets, but I just don’t have that kind of time! If you knew what I (and a growing number of people) know, you would never let anyone come close to you or someone you loved again with a vaccine. It is what it is, believe what you may, no one is here to convince anyone of anything because it is ultimately your kids and your choice, but the truth is out there being discovered right now by all of those who have taken the initiative to look. A great read on the subject (in my opinion) for those wanting more info on the other side is the “Vaccine Safety Manual” by Neil Z. Miller. It’s a good place to start, and if you have the time and energy, you can look up many of his articles for review.

      • How come a vaccine researcher does not know the difference between IV feeding solutions and vaccines? There is a huge difference in how much is used.

        A few weeks ago I had a kid hooked up to an IV bag. I am just a parent, and even I could tell there was much much more in the IV than I’ve seen in any vaccine syringe. It is like comparing apples to oranges… no, wait… it is like comparing a glass of water with a swimming pool full of water.

      • Out of curiosity, where do you do your research on vaccines? Is it a university or private laboratory? And if it at a university, are you doing undergraduate, graduate or post-doc research?

        Also, what journals have published your papers?

  66. Oh my gosh! Please re-read my post! You’re correct, there IS a huge difference between how much is used in an IV feeding solution and a vaccine, the latter being MUCH MORE. Just because there is more liquid in an IV bag doesn’t mean there’s more of every component comprising that liquid. I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude, but this is why I normally don’t get involved with posts. I apologize but I won’t be responding again.

    • Okay. But I don’t understand why you are going on about aluminum. If you want to show why vaccines have any risk, you first must establish they pose a greater risk than the diseases they prevent. Several large epidemiological studies done in several countries on three continents show there is no casual relationship between vaccines and autism. Plus there were these recent studies:

      Neuropsychological Performance 10 years after Immunization in Infancy with Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines
      Authors: Tozzi AE, Bisiacchi P, Tarantino V, De Mei B, D’Elia L, Chiarotti F, Salmaso S.
      Source: Pediatrics, February 2009, Vol. 123(2):475-82

      Prenatal and infant exposure to thimerosal from vaccines and immunoglobulins and risk of autism.
      Price CS, Thompson WW, Goodson B, Weintraub ES, Croen LA, Hinrichsen VL, Marcy M, Robertson A, Eriksen E, Lewis E, Bernal P, Shay D, Davis RL, DeStefano F.
      Pediatrics. 2010 Oct;126(4):656-64. Epub 2010 Sep 13.

      Vaccination status and health in children and adolescents—findings of the
      German health interview and examination survey for children and adolescents
      Schmitz R, Poethko-Müller C, Reiter S, Schlaud M:
      (KiGGS). Dtsch Arztebl Int 2011; 108(7): 99–104.
      DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2011.0099

      Still curious at what kind of lab you do vaccine research for, is it a university or elsewhere?

      Ignoring that somehow having the most common metal element on this planet’s crust in small amounts has a hazard, you should show that one of the vaccines on the list is a risk in the first place. Just posting scary numbers with only some FDA regulations on something else, and a paper on infant feeding solution does not prove that aluminum in vaccines is dangerous (not including the full FDA address was disappointing, please include that next time so I can put the numbers into context).

      Since you don’t want to type out all of the papers, just post the journal, title and date of those that show the HIB vaccine has more risk than haemophilus influenzae type b, the actual disease. With that information I can find the paper on PubMed (or you can just list the PMID).

      This is the disease that caused a type of meningitis we don’t even see any more. It also caused epiglottitis, which often was diagnosed by putting a tiny camera down the throat of a small child. I know this because my son had one done when he came to the emergency room with croup. The two doctors who did this to my kid remarked that he did not have it, and they were seeing less and less of it since the vaccine came out a couple years before. (he has been in the hospital several times, lots of IVs… I believe the risk of the saline was worth it)

      Try something like this:
      Impact of universal Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccination starting at 2 months of age in the United States: an economic analysis.
      Zhou F, Bisgard KM, Yusuf HR, Deuson RR, Bath SK, Murphy TV.
      Pediatrics. 2002 Oct;110(4):653-61.

    • Actually, you were rude in commenting on a over two year old article claiming to be a vaccine researcher, then not posting full and proper cites, posting only a partial webpage and just listing scary numbers without a reference.

      So don’t run away. We are used to that kind of rudeness, all we ask is that you prove your assertions with real evidence.

  67. I worked in the science community for 5 years in the cancer research and testing field before becoming entirely disenchanted and pretty horrified with the industry of big pharma. Take it from me. There is as much crooked money manipulation in the researching of cures for people as there is in congress. Research and testing that goes on is usually not released to the public till some company X gets the results they are looking for (typically by manipulating procedure in any number of ways) so finding data is very difficult especially since they have lobbied heavily to have less and less transparency to the public over the last 4 decades. If anyone’s interested in an interesting and fairly well researched look into the subject of money in pharmaceuticals check out “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin.

    As far as any sort of concrete reasoning for believing Jim or not.. Well, i”ve personally been witness to half a dozen or so lead researchers being fired and/or having their research confiscated from a testing cell when they didn’t put forth the results that the MBA in charge needed so I’m leaning towards Mr. Carrey’s POV myself even though I think his soap box method is the wrong strategy and probably hurting more than it’s helping.

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