Posted by: Ticktock | May 28, 2009

Medical Myths for Parents at USA Today

USA Today has a quiz up about “baby myths”. Go give it a try. You never know; you might end up learning something new.

Something tells me that at least one of the “facts” was based on dubious evidence. Let me know if you spot one that seems wrong.

I got the one about heartburn and hair wrong. How dare they fool me!



  1. Who are these people who have all this sex and how do researchers always find them?

  2. I have issue with the heartburn and hair one…I consumed mass quantities of TUMS during my last pregnancy…and my daughter has the thinnest hair of all my kids.
    As for married people and sex-think of it this way…if you are married you have a better CHANCE of having it regularly..

  3. I was aware of the heart-burn one but I feel it is only a correlation, so far. The big head one I thought was dubious.

    In all I missed four: Big Head smarts, Suicide season, big baby sleep, and preterm labor.

  4. The only one I missed was the first one, about bigger heads leading to higher intelligence. Maybe it’s because premature babies are more likely to have learning disabilities, or because being born small can be related to other problems.

  5. The thing about the spike in suicides in summer was recently reported and I have to say I am not surprised. This time of year the light and the chirping of birds starts *very* early in the Pacific NW and I find it maddening.

    I have a big headed tot who is brilliant, of course, but missed the question, because I thought that was too obvious a correlation.

  6. I missed the big heads and the hair one. Given that I lived on antacid during my pregnancies and both of mine had full heads of hair I can’t contradict it, but I’d be surprised if there’s anything in it. And I think catgirl’s probably right on the size one – it’s not that being big is good, but being small is a risk.

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