Posted by: Ticktock | May 29, 2009

Salvation + Camera Obscura!

I was reading Jerry Coyne’s book “Why Evolution is True“, and when I arrived at my latest chapter of brilliance, I stumbled upon a bookmark of a million dollar bill with the caricature of Dustin Hoffman on the front. I’ve got to hand it to Living Waters, the evangelical wonder duo Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, they really know how to get my attention. Slap a celebrity on a fake dollar bill, put a random Bible verse on the back, and send minions to the bookstore to sabotage the books about evolution.

God forbid they read the book and think for themselves. Seriously, god forbids it.

That really made my day. I’m truly hoping that somebody hands me the Jim Carrey dollar bill; you know, for irony’s sake.

Another thing that will make my day is when I get my revenge by slipping boring old non-tracts into creationist books.

In other news…

As a special bonus, unrelated to the subject of religious propaganda, I give you the new Camera Obscura video because I saw them in concert last night and met them. If I’m gonna spread the word about something, it might as well be Scottish indie pop music, right?



  1. I have to wonder… What is the relationship with the given celebrity; a million dollar; the Bible and Evolution?

  2. […] sabotage WEIT in bookstores! Over on the blog Science-based Parenting, a reader of WEIT reports finding a creationist bookmark inserted into the copy he bought.  […]

  3. Seems they can’t get enough humiliation. After the banana debacle I would have gone into hiding.

  4. HA! You got linked to from Jerry Coyne’s blog. Good job!

  5. Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and … Rowan Atkinson?! Who knew that creationists were such big Mr. Bean fans?

    (And, I echo the question above: What on FSM’s green earth do celebrities have to do with evolution?)

  6. Thanks for reminding me that Camera Obscura is coming to my town next weekend!

  7. Where can I get higher quality version of those bills, those are hilarious! Though I don’t get the connection between most of those celebrities and science in general other than that I know Tom Hanks has made plenty of comments which indicate he is sane and rational. Whereas Britney Spears, well, she’s the opposite.

  8. Just to be clear, the only reasons the celebrities are used is to capture the reader’s attention. There’s no rhyme or reason to which ones were chosen, except they seem to be the celebrities in which a caricature artist would be most familiar.

  9. It’s interesting how they assume that anyone who accepts the reality of evolution by natural selection is an atheist. Many Christian churches officially realize that evolution happened, including the Catholic church. It should be a big wake-up call when your view of reality is even more warped than that of a guy who thinks condoms spread AIDS.

  10. I’m confused because a few of those celebrities are atheists.

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