Posted by: Ticktock | June 18, 2009

TOP 100 “Natural” Birthing Blogs

I’ve made the list!

The MRI Technician School blog has compiled a list of 100 of the best blogs that may be of interest to folks who are interested in “natural” birth. There are probably several links on there that I don’t endorse, but perhaps the fact that they chose me is a positive sign. Either way, I recommend checking out the links if you or your wife are considering a drug-free birth.

My wife had two positive drug-free birthing experiences at the hospital. It was our preference to have the birth in a medical facility, but I don’t insist on it from other people. I believe that a pregnant mother should have the option to choose how and where she delivers a child, so long as the baby is not in immediate danger and the decision is not made out of a fear of modern medicine.

I think skeptics are intuitively put off by “natural” births because of the woo and conspiracies that come along with the believers of it, but midwives and doulas have a great deal of evidence on their side that should be respected by science advocates. However, and this caveat should come as no surprise, parents should be careful of the claims made by some crunchy midwives. Just stick to the facts and make the evidence-based decision that is right for you.

Here’s my post about ‘Lotus Birth‘ referenced in the article.


  1. I was put off by drug-free birth by the unbelievable pain. But that’s just me. 🙂

  2. That caveat should be elaborated upon to include the fact that a lot of doulas and midwives recommend anti-vax ‘philosophy’ and books to their clients.

    Our doula spent a good deal of time pushing a local Waldorf School (I notice that in one of your most popular entries you address Waldorf schools, and their all-woo-all-the-time approach to tending to your child’s “soul”).

    Hypno-birthing is something proponents of natural birth also seem to gravitate towards – and my wife found the process 100% useless, then felt like a failure for it having not worked despite her dedicated practice. It induced panic, rather than the intended calm, once it became clear that we had been sold a bill of goods.

    Our (anecdotal, but) personal experience with natural birth intentions became a nightmare at the hospital – eventually resulting in fetal trauma requiring an emergency C-Section.
    We felt good to have our doula as an advocate, at the time – but in hindsight must acknowledge that her (not inexpensive) involvement established a host of unrealistic expectations and contributed to the problems experienced at the hospital.

    “Just stick to the facts and make the evidence-based decision that is right for you.”
    …is good advice – but can fly in the face of some of the natural birth movement – which often appears to be based on a fear of medical science, dismissive and untrusting attitudes towards medical professionals, and an over arching theme of “reclaiming” something that, in many cases, hasn’t actually been lost.

    Namely: doctors and birthing professionals with the mother and child’s best interests at heart.

  3. I refused the epidural because of my intense fear of being stabbed in the spine with a giant needle. Anyways, I am happy to have made it through without. I agree that if midwives and doulas were promoted in a less “new age” way they would probably be more widely accepted.

  4. My wife didn’t go natural with our first child. But she wants to try with the one we have on the way. Thank you so much for this list.

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