Posted by: Ticktock | July 2, 2009

9/11 memorial in shanksville

I’m writing this from my palm pre phone. My family & I are driving through the mountains of pennsylvania after visiting the 9/11 memorial in shanksville (actually lambertsville). We arrived halfway through a presentation by a tour guide. He was a little nervous because he started the job a few weeks. He told me that he hadn’t encountered conspiracy theorists yet, but that he’d been briefed on the topic by his trainers.

Luckily, a united 93 1st responder was over-hearing our conversation. He said that he thought it was unusual that the feds were already on the scene 30 minutes after the crash. The young tour guide replied that a local farmer had called 911 when he saw united 93 about to crash, which gave the feds enough time to arrive.

The retired cop said that there was a big dispute between the feds and cops over jurisdiction. When I mentioned that some conspiracy theorists believe the plane didn’t exist, the retired cop told me that he saw scrap metal with a foot stuck in it.

I know that a stranger’s anecdote doesn’t count as proof, but I don’t require a lot of evidence for a  crash where the black box & all the passengers’ dna were recovered.

Obama had it right when he told the world in cairo that al qaeda struck before 9/11, took responsibility for the terrorist attack  on  9/11, and have attacked us in various ways since 9/11.


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