Posted by: Ticktock | August 11, 2009

The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin

Lee and I went to the Langhorne Slim concert last night. If you haven’t heard Slim, you’ll want to check out his infectious brand of alternative honky tonk. But, the highlight of the evening for me was discovering the Low Anthem, a trio of multi-instrumentalists from Rhode Island. Their latest album is called “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin”, which seems to be a brilliantly-named melodic masterpiece.

We couldn’t decide whether the “Charlie Darwin” song was pro or anti evolution, or whether or not that even matters. Ultimately, the song kicks ass, so if it turns out to be a creationist manifesto, we’ll still have to admit that the song is awesome.

Please check out this homemade video of Low Anthem’s title track and tell me what you think…




  1. Wow, great song. If it has creationist lyrics (I can’t say), that would probably ruin it for me. But just as it is, it’s wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m fairly certain they’re not creationists, but they seem to be putting Darwinian philosophy into perspective – the way Dawkins does when he says that he wouldn’t want to live in a society based on Darwinian theory.

  2. What are the chances?!? 🙂 Five minutes ago (honestly), I’m sitting on the can (sorry!), leafing through the Brown Alumni monthly (I went to Brown University), and stumble upon the following story of this very band who happens to be composed of Brown grads:
    I, too, was tickled to see the title of the album and now am motivated to listen to the song. I also might find the band on the ‘net and see if I can get the lyrics.

  3. Loved this haunting song. It sort of reminded me of The Band in a way and seemed to have Irish roots. Thanks skeptic dad for all you do spreading the gospel of skepticism and writing reviews that should be in Rolling Stone.

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