Posted by: Ticktock | August 25, 2009

What’s That Baby Thinking About?

julietandsasha3 049

Does your baby get real quiet and start staring at you? Do you feel like you’re bonding with her on some intense emotional level? Do you ever wonder what she is thinking during those bonding moments?

Charles Fernyhough attempts to answer those question on the Radiolab Podcast, hosted by new father, Jad Abumrad. Find out how babies absorb sensory input, how they might interpret it, and what is happening inside a brain during an infant’s development.

And for those who are interested in the topic of odds and statistics, check out the longer episode called “Stochasticity” for another interesting episode.




  1. I love radiolab, good stuff. I believe I already have this in my ipod and shall listen tonight.

  2. Thanks to Dale McGowan, I’ve gotten re-hooked on RadioLab. Did you listen to the one about the afterlife? I immediately went out and got SUM (the book) from the library and devoured it. It’s so damned clever, entertaining, & thought-provoking!

  3. That was pretty cool, one of their shorts. I hope they do more on this like their death ones.

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