Posted by: Ticktock | August 27, 2009

They Might Be Giants – Here Comes Science

They Might Be Giants are known for their quirky songs, such as their cover of “Why Does the Sun Shine”. This song, in all it’s annoying rambunctiousness, reminds me that I haven’t injected pure sugar into my veins yet today.

TMBG must have learned how to relax since then. They’re releasing a new album called “Here Comes Science” on September 1st. The preview track for the new album, seen in the video below, is twee enough to make Hello Kitty seem punk rock in comparison. Hopefully, the album will have some variety and not be so… precious.



  1. I was coming on to question your assertion that “Why Does the Sun Shine?” is a cover.

    Turns out you’re right!

    “This is a remake of the song by Hy Zaret And Lou Singer, performed by folk singer Tom Glazer on the album Space Songs (Motivation Records, 1959).”

    I had no idea. I’ll go hang my head in shame.

    But I do love me some TMBG!

    Apparently the original “Why Does the Sun Shine”, and other science tunes from the 50’s are downloadable here:

    I wonder how much of the science is out-of-date…

  2. I heard some more of this on… I think the Nature podcast. Anyways, it makes me happy to hear their main song is “Science is Real.”

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