Posted by: Ticktock | September 3, 2009

Falling… Face First!

My 4-year old daughter, Sasha, took a violent tumble a few days ago. She was coasting down a hill on a two-wheeler without remembering to apply the brakes when she lost control and crashed hard.

Face meet sidewalk. Sidewalk meet face.


My wife, bless her heart, was managing a dog, a 2 year old, and a stroller when Sasha wiped out. She ran down the hill to her daughter, who by that time had a bloody mouth, a chipped tooth, and the fattest lip you’ve ever seen. She scooped up the traumatized Sasha, put her at the foot of the stroller, grabbed the bike, put it on top of the stroller, and ran home with both kids crying the whole way.

There’s nothing that can prepare you for those moments. My wife had a lot to handle mentally in the scary span between the crash and running her a block back to the retired nurse living next door to us. What if she broke a jaw? What if she lost all her teeth? What if she did permanent damage?

My wife decided that the princess did not need to go to the E.R., but she did need to see a dentist the next day. The verdict is that her two front teeth may need to be prematurely exfoliated, since one of her central incisors is chipped nearly to the nerve. We’re also waiting to see whether she develops an infection or an abscess from all the trauma.

Oddly enough for someone so young, what really bothers Sasha is her looks. She has a girly personality that I try to neither encourage nor discourage, and this incident has really tested her vanity. To be honest, the picture above does not really show how swollen her mouth looked. It was a dramatic and startling difference.

Since her accident, Sasha has asked to move her seat so that she doesn’t have to look at herself in the mirror on the other side of the kitchen. She’s also come to me with the shard of tooth that fell off and a glue stick in hopes that I would reapply the fragment, which pretty much broke my heart.

This has been a really stressful week for us, and a pretty unpleasant year for Sasha (with wasp stings and tonsils). We’re glad to be heading out to Atlanta, where the kids will spend time being smothered with love from their grandparents, and I’ll be spending time forgetting my worries at Dragoncon.

Hopefully, we’ll stay safe on the way. I’d knock on wood if I had a superstitious bone in my body. Oh hell, I just did anyway. Why not, right?




  1. Wow, is that the real picture? It looks very painful. I hope that it all goes well.

    That part about the glue stick is ultra biter-sweet.

  2. I actually teared up seeing her poor little face… So scary for child and mommy!

  3. Oh man, I feel for you all. Too bad there isn’t a princess story where one of the princesses busts her lip. I guess that’s telling in itself.

    My own daughter just got wacked in the eye with a pine tree branch and I about died. I can relate to carrying two kids while everyone is crying. It’s terrible. It would be sooo hard if my daughter brought me that glue stick. Just heartbreaking.

  4. Oh, poor honey! Mom, Dad, Sasha – feel better soon. I wonder what the toddler sib is thinking? Oy, vey, ain’t parenting fun.

    On a different topic, I wanted to share a blog/website that you and your readers might find interesting:

    Have a safe long weekend.

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