Posted by: Ticktock | September 4, 2009

Star Party – Reporting Back

Star Party was a success!

I was “star” struck by the skeptic celebrities from the minute I walked in the door when I caught Rob and Laurie chatting with Ben Radford. I did a double-take when I saw his name badge. Didn’t I just post a link to his story about the Jaycee Dugard psychic? I wasn’t even expecting him to be there, nor did I previously know what he looked like…

Bald… glasses… can’t miss him.

Somebody I did recognize right away was Brian Dunning of the Skeptoid podcast. Hey didn’t Rob link to B-Dun’s new series of web videos last week? Why yes he did.

I told Brian that he should do a skeptoid episode on the use of quantum physics as an argumentative tool. Next thing I knew, I was checking out the transcript of Brian’s actual episode on the subject of quantum physics on Brian’s own ipod touch. Surreal!

Then we introduced ourselves to Richard Saunders and Dr. “Rachie” Dunlop of the Skeptic Zone podcast. I believe I mentioned their podcast not long ago. Yep, sure enough.

We chatted with them about the fact that this will be their one year anniversary for Skeptic Zone. Good on ya, mates!

Of course, we also had to talk to Bad Astronomer Dr. Phil Plait, king of the throne over at the James Randi Educational Foundation.

We thanked him a hundred times over for linking to Rob’s excellent review of Dateline’s “Dose of Controversy” (and for the many other times he has graced us with an onslaught of visitors via a generous link). We also talked to him about incorporating babysitting and skeptic fun for families with children at next year’s TAM in Las Vegas. It comes down to money and time, but he’s eager to help.

I’m currently staying with fellow skeptic dad J Paul at his crib. So glad Maria hooked us up because he has been a great host and will continue to be an excellent author for this blog. He’s also taking time with me when he should be studying for his qualifiers. Good luck on those.

And now, I can finally hit the sack. I’ll add in links later. It’s 2:30am. What am I doing awake? I must be hyped up on meeting so many cool people, all of whom I greatly admire and respect. I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

I’ll be in my new 80s Tee with the Cobra Insignia. Say “hello” if you see me, fellow nerds.






  1. Shameless name dropping… 🙂

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