Posted by: Ticktock | September 7, 2009

Skeptrack at Dragoncon – Reporting Back (Friday)

If you ever have a chance to go to Dragoncon, you should seize the opportunity. I spent the entire time with this huge grin on my face, so happy to be around such a plethora of geeks and oddballs, who were all embracing their specific brand of sub genre. I’ve never seen so many jedis, ghostbusters, fairies, wizards, zombies, or manga characters in my life!

For those who saw the Parenting panel, I just want to admit that I was a little nervous. I’m a professional actor trained in improvisation, but I was totally frazzled whenever I opened my mouth to speak into a microphone this weekend. It was so embarrassing!

Thanks so much to Heidi for inviting me to join the panel. She ranks up there as one of my favorite acquaintances in the world, especially because her first words to me were, “OMG, you’re Colin??? You look like you’re fourteen!” Too funny! Heidi’s presentation was full of awesome, especially the bit about circumcision.

After the presentation, I was pleased to meet a few of my readers, including Perky Skeptic, whom I wish I could have talked with more because she cheered me up as soon as I met her. I also met Jason Bilotta, who started a unique science club for schools called Skeptikids. Jason will soon be a new author on Science-Based Parenting, and I look forward to his articles.

Our “Skeptic Parents’ Night Out” went pretty well. It ended up being a small group because all the skeptic DINKS were doing karaoke. Things ended up being OK because the Skeptic Zone Australians and Brian Dunning of Skeptoid showed up and livened the atmosphere. I would’ve paid for their drinks if I weren’t under strict orders to mind the budget. Sorry guys.

To be continued…




  1. Hey, no worries. I’m just glad that we ‘livened things up’, I was nagging the gang to go during the dinner (I kept saying ‘I RSVPd on Facebook! I have to go! Just drop me off!’) we had beforehand and I was thrilled that you were all still there after our late arrival! 🙂 We ended walking back to the hotel from there and it was the perfect ending to a ‘first day’. I hope it becomes a regular event for future D*Cs! 🙂

  2. That night was a blast.

    I just figured it would be a bunch of skeptical newbies like me and Laurie and ticktock gathering together. Suddenly Heidi was coming… Then you four showed up, and it was tremendous. I had so much fun sitting at that table with all of you skeptical bigwigs and just chatting.

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