Posted by: Jason | September 9, 2009

Skeptikids – “Science” is a Verb!

Skeptikids is a Hands On, Get Dirty, Do Real Science club for kids.

We believe this is the only meaningful way to keep kids interested in science.  To be specific, we help our kids contribute to real science.

It’s not as hard as You might think.  Around us all, there are real scientists researching something.  And oftentimes, supervised kids can collect data as good as anyone else!  They can do Variable Star Astronomy, they can collect Sunspot Data, they can go on Galaxy Zoo and help classify galaxies, they can perform environmental monitoring, they can help manage and protect certain at risk and endangered species habitats, etc.

Not only can your kids do real science, they can inspire others as well!  And that’s why this year we are appealing to the narcissist in all kids everywhere with Channel Skeptikids: a series of short, 3-5 minute videos, starred by the kids, demonstrating cool science concepts.  Think Mythbusters meets iCarly, going online at TeacherTube for free public use in the classroom.

To be a true Skeptikid, contributing to science and inspiring others is not enough!  Skeptikids are required to throw One Huge Party!  We celebrate Yuri’s Night!

April 12, 1961 marked a pivotal change in human history:  Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space!  We honor him every year the best way we can- we PARTY!

Even here though, the kids learn that they are a part of something much bigger than themselves.  Yuri’s Night is a World Wide Space Party!  This last year our kids were greeted via video and internet from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Tokyo and the US from other party goers around the world!  Add in a limbo contest,  a Dance-Off, and all the cotton candy and popcorn a kid can eat, and there’s no way you can lose!

2009-2010 will be a great school year for Skeptikids!  We are actively looking for other like minded people around the world that would like to join us, but don’t know where to start, don’t know how to find the kids, and don’t understand all the other things we’ve already ironed out.

If You know someone who would like to start a local chapter of Skeptikids in their area, send them our way.  There’s no cost and only fun to be had!



  1. Jason,

    I think this sounds like an incredible program, and I am absolutely interested in joining in! I think this goes along well with the volunteer work I do with scouts and at my kids’ school. Thanks so much for doing this, I’ll be in touch!

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