Posted by: Jason | September 24, 2009

How to Start a Kids Group: Lesson 1 – Find a Kid

TickTock asked me to go into a bit more detail on Skeptikids:  how we organized, how we got into the schools, how much time commitments are a problem, etc.  I’m going to try to give some advice on how to do a DIY Kids Science and Skepticism group over the next few posts.

One comment I hear a lot is, “I would love to start something like this, but I don’t know enough like minded parents.” You are selling yourself short by operating only within families of self-identified Skeptics.  This isn’t a church group-there’s no common belief system required.  Only a common interest in Science is needed, the rest follows on its own!

So the first thing you need to start a Kids Program are- Kids!  Go after kids of your friends and friends of your kids.  Build up a group of about 6-10 children if you can.  At this size, you can keep things small, flexible and cheap.  More importantly, a small group early on can act as a sandbox for you to figure out what they like, what works, logistics etc.

If you want to grow bigger though, there is no better way than working with the schools.  I’ll go into more detail about how to do that on a separate post, but let me just say that in my experience,  ANY school would welcome a science and critical thinking program.  If you have a clear program with simple, laid out objectives, you will find yourself very well recieved.

I have more interested kids and adults than I can handle, and I market mostly to the general public.  In fact, I don’t really know any “Skeptical Parents” where I live.  Don’t forget that only a few of us identify ourselves that way, but pretty much all people consider themselves critical thinkers, and most people are interested in technology.  So Don’t Limit Yourself!

Lesson 2 coming soon!


  1. Speaking of starting a kids group based on science, reason, and inquiry….

    Camp Quest Florida 2009 is on the horizon!

    Camp Quest Florida is accepting registrations for campers 8-17 years old until November 20, 2009. Don’t put off signing up and reserving a spot for your camper this Winter. Families are welcome to join us too. The camp will run from 12/25/09 to 1/1/10. Campers will receive three meals a day, a bunk bed in a single sex cabin with a CQ FL counselor of the same gender, a CQ FL t-shirt, a field trip to John Pennekamp Underwater State Park, visits to the beach, a short day hike, a canoe trip on a lagoon to see Florida wildlife, celebrate Festivus and New Year’s Eve, participate in critical thinking activities and other fun arts and crafts and games, and enjoy a special visit from The Amazing Randi!

    Your camper will make friends, have fun, and create memories to last a lifetime!

    Go to to register today!

  2. […] your bigger plans.   A while back I posted about our group, Skeptikids, and have also posted about finding kids and developing a program.  Let me summarize those two for a moment:  If you want to start a kids […]

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