Posted by: Ticktock | October 24, 2009

Baby Einstein – Return to Sender

Baby Einstein flooded the market with “educational” videos in the late 90s. Parents wanted the freedom to plop their kids in front of a television, without the associated guilt of turning them into mindless zombies.

The only question was whether Baby Einstein had any justification to say that their videos of toys and sock puppets were “educational”. By now, many of us have seen the news articles that reported that the educational claims of the Baby Einstein videos were false and misleading. Now, Disney (who bought Baby Enstein in 2001) is offering a refund for anyone who has ever bought one of the “educational” videos.

We can thank the Campaign for a Commerical-Free Childhood for this victory because they had the tenacity to insist on a refund, even after Disneay agreed to remove “educational” from their Baby Einstein labels.


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