Posted by: Rob T | October 29, 2009

Brent Spiner goes Antivax

A little kerfuffle erupted on Twitter last night when Brent Spiner (“Data” from Star Trek: The Next Generation) tweeted this…

Check out my new follow. Dr. Jay Gordon. He makes a lot of sense.

In the ensuing conversation, he also made these statements:

it’s worth investigating before letting drug cos. bamboozle us.


Have not advised anyone what to do other than to investigate all available info. If you’d rather just go with the status quo, be my guest.


They have a vaccination for Swine flu. Is there one for pig-headedness?

I was going to write about it this morning, as this is a topic that means something to me (and I even tried replying to @BrentSpiner, but look, I’m just this guy, you know?), but I see that Orac has beaten me to it.  So I suggest people head on over there to see what he has to say.

..Rob T.



  1. I tend to agree with Brent a bit, with all the information flying around, who knows what’s true and false? Read as much as you can about the vaccine and check the sources you’re reading from. I think it’s just a case of making an informed decision. I was concerned about getting my youngest child vaccinated when they started talking about the rise in autism cases….it’s scary because you don’t know what to believe.

    • I appreciate what you’re saying, and it is scary when your own kids are involved. My problem with Spiner is that when he says things like “bamboozle”, and “If you’d rather just go with the status quo, be my guest,” he is clearly stating his opinion that Dr. Gordon’s views are more correct than the mainstream established science.

      And the statement that we should “investigate all available info” presents a problem. “All available info” would include an awful lot of discredited, disproven, and frankly dangerous misinformation.

      This is in the same vein as creationists who promote “balance” and “intellectual debate” by insisting that science classrooms teach the “controversy” of Darwin vs. Genesis. There is so much evidence piled up in favor of evolution that it would be intellectually dishonest to teach the other side as if they are equally likely.

      As it is with vaccinations. There are mountains of evidence in favor of the H1N1 vaccine, and vaccines in general. To paint the anti-vax viewpoint as an ongoing and even-sided debate with the pro-vax viewpoint is to ignore those mountains of evidence, and give unwarranted credence to the anti-vax views.

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