Posted by: Ticktock | November 30, 2009

PLAN for a RANDI Christmas!

The James Randi Education Foundation has begun the “Season for Reason” campaign. Their goal is to raise $25,000 for the purpose of creating a web site geared toward teaching critical thinking skills to children. Those who donate at least $100 to the JREF will receive a free “Best of TAM” DVD, featuring speakers from the world’s premiere conference for skeptics.

Another way to help the JREF is to register for their customized Visa card, complete with James Randi’s doubting face plastered on the front. Anyone who applies, who is approved, and makes at least one payment before the end of the year will qualify the JREF to recieve a donation of $50 courtesy of Visa. The credit card also holds a 0% interest rate for a year, but I encourage people to be cautious and skeptical of any such claims.

And what can you do with your card when you receive it? Why not buy the gift of vaccination for children in underprivileged nations from James Randi’s favorite charity, Plan. You might know Plan from their commercials with Laurie Metcalf giving an emotional appeal to sponsor one of the many children around the globe living in squalor. What you might not know is that James Randi vouches for the charity, sponsors several children, and has even visited some of them to verify that Plan is taking care of their communities, as promised.

I will be following my own advice, and am looking forward to receiving the doubtful visage of Randi to be relocated to my wallet. And one of my lucky friends will receive vaccinations for children in Pakistan, which will also trigger Visa’s donation to the JREF, which will be used to teach critical thinking to students. It’s a win-win-win situation!



  1. Sadly, I’ve seen reports that Randi is saying he’s siding with the global-warming deniers. Carl would not be happy.

    As has happened before, I suspect some credible person will show him where his decision-making has went off the rails and he’ll adjust accordingly.

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