Posted by: Ticktock | December 25, 2009

A Skeptic’s Christmas

For anyone who was interested in my Winter Solstice party, I just wanted to update and let you know that it went really well. No druid cloaks were involved – ha ha. It was a family-style dinner party where everyone volunteered to participate in the prep, the cooking, and the cleaning. Here in suburban America, that sense of community and festive warmth is often sadly lacking at parties, so Winter Solstice will certainly be a tradition we will revisit in years to come.

We haven’t abandoned Christmas, either. I have too many fond memories of the holiday from when I was a child, and I want my own children to have similar experiences. It’s been pointed out by many, including myself, that most of the Christian traditions associated with Christmas were once secular (or pagan). By now, Christmas has evolved into it’s own entity to become a cultural force that stretches far beyond religious boundaries, so I don’t necessarily feel guilty for drinking a mug of ‘nog while watching David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing Christmas carols.

I must admit that it’s also simply nice to have an excuse to give (and receive) presents. My own children will be enjoying, among other things, the magnification power of the Eyeclops and a membership to the Cincinnati Zoo (thanks Grammee), both gifts that I hope will encourage a love of science.

I also bought my wife an “I [heart} Skeptics” necklace from Skepchick Surly Amy at the Star Party prior to this year’s Dragoncon. She always appreciates hand-crafted artwork – the message was just a bonus.

I also received a few skeptic-friendly gifts that I had hinted at wanting. Check out my new tongue-and-cheek t-shirt…

Continuing on the subject of evolution, I’ll also look forward to reading “The Greatest Show On Earth”, the new book by Richard Dawkins.

I’d love to hear your plugs for your favorite science-based gifts you either gave or received this year. If anything, maybe somebody will be inspired to spend that $50 check sent to them by Uncle Jenkins on a deserving science-based product.



  1. Got my wife some Surly-ramics too. AND I got the new Dawkins. Weird. Geeky skeptics, unite!

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