Posted by: Ticktock | February 6, 2010

I Was Wondering…

The National Academy of Science has put together a neat little flash animated web site for girls interested in science called “I Was Wondering…“. The page links to interesting women in science, their discoveries, and a timeline of their contributions to science. The project is inspired by a series of books called Women’s Adventures in Science, which will be biographies targeted toward tweens that were made in cooperation with the women for which they were written.

There’s also a place on “I Was Wondering…” called Ask It where girls can ask curious questions. And don’t forget the fun games too!

This is the kind of interactive learning  tool that we desperately need for our children. I only hope that they expand on this web site and work on other projects that science-based families can enjoy.



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  2. Hey, now, don’t forget the boys! It’s good for the girls if boys see respectable women scientists, too. You don’t want those girls to grow up all full of self-respect, only to find men who think women are useless, do you?
    I try to make it a point to show my son women doing strong things, and men doing stuff like cooking and taking care of babies. We just read a great picture book tonight called Good Enough To Eat, where the girl saves the village through cleverness and strength AND walks proudly away from the ungrateful village (with all the treasure!).
    I’d like to get away from such a division. If parents would read their children books or show them movies about kids of the opposite sex as often as they do ones about kids of the same sex (as long as they are both reasonably portrayed), I think a lot of our sex-related self-esteem issues would just disappear.

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