Posted by: Ticktock | July 13, 2010

Help Will Fly to Dragoncon!

Will Phillips is an awesome kid who refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance until gay couples had equal rights to marriage. Heidi interviewed him on Podcast Beyond Belief, and now she wants to take it a step further and send Will Phillips to Dragoncon, Atlanta’s epic conference for geeks of every stripe.

If you listened to the interview, you would know that Will Phillips is a huge Star Trek fan. This year, Dragoncon will be featuring many cast members from the Next Generation. Will will also get to stop by the skeptic track and check out some old fashioned science and reasoning.

The hotels have been paid for, and now we need to purchase Will’s plane tickets from Arkansas. Go over to Heidi’s blog and hit the donate button. You know it will feel good to reward such a smart young activist. I personally remember refusing to stand for the pledge in high school because of my own objections to the way it’s phrased. Will is only ten years old, and he’s already made a stand for his beliefs, even in the face of adversity and teasing from his peers.

I will be at Dragoncon. I’d love to shake Will’s hand and meet his parents. Let’s make this happen!



  1. This is Will’s father. Our family are PROUD to be nerdy and I appreciate the support here. We are a working class family and haven’t made a cent on Will’s travels or speaking engagements. We are passionate about equality as a family and WILL’S activism has inspired us to action.

    Star Trek (especially Next Gen) was an essential part to helping to form our outlook and belief that despite our foibles, humanity can and should do better. That REASON and RATIONALITY should be the source of public policy and public discourse.

    Once again thank you. This was an amazing offer from Heidi and the opportunity of a lifetime for a wonderful child’s birthday. (as well as his nerdy parents) lol!!

    Thanks again,

    jay phillips

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