Posted by: Ticktock | July 14, 2010

Help Monty Harper Promote Science

Who is Monty Harper? He’s this guy…

More to the point, he’s a singer/songwriter who writes tunes about science, creativity, and reading. Check out this video, edited by our own Rob Tarr. It’s all about the circular/elliptical motions of the natural world and cosmos.

He runs an amazing program called “Born to Do Science”, where he writes custom songs for working scientists and their research. But that’s not all, he invites the scientist to discuss their research to children in a fun interactive format. Here’s an example of one of his songs inspired by a real scientist named Cheryl Baker

So why does Monty need help? Because Disney hasn’t discovered him, and he’s producing his next album “Songs from the Science Frontier” on his own dime. The expense of making an album can be massive, especially for an independent recording artist with no label. So, you might be wondering how you can help. Hop on over to Monty’s web site to see how he is crowd sourcing funds at Kickstarter. Monty is trying to raise $9000 by August 21st – if he doesn’t reach his goal by then, then nobody’s credit card will be charged and he’ll be stuck with an album’s worth of awesome songs with nowhere to put them. And right now, Monty needs a boost of support because he only stands at 7% funded.

The best part is that there are rewards for helping fund this project. For only $20, Monty will send you one of the autographed CDs in the mail. If you pledge $750, he’ll give you a private concert. And if you pledge $2000, he will write you a custom song that will be featured on the new album. How Cool! So what are you waiting for? Help one of the nicest guys in the universe create one of the coolest album for kids!

And stay tuned to Podcast Beyond Belief to hear our exclusive interview with Monty on the next episode. We’ll also feature some exclusive demo recordings of the album-in-progress.


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