Posted by: Ticktock | July 31, 2010

Merger: Science-Based Parenting and Rational Moms

This blog started several years ago under it’s previous title “Skeptic Dad”. Somewhere along the way, I decided that the word “skeptic” was too limiting and had too many negative connotations, so I purposefully borrowed the naming scheme of our professional allies at Science-Based Medicine. Once the blog became a bit more neutral in nomenclature, I began inviting other fathers to contribute, and I worked on building a community with our fellow mom bloggers on facebook.

Now, the blog will continue it’s evolution and expansion as the writers for Rational Moms wind down their blog and migrate to this one. Speaking on behalf of all the contributing writers, the guys are happy to have some gender balance on SBP. We welcome our new female contributors, and we hope that you will too.

Speaking as someone who has found himself in the border state of several skeptic civil wars recently, I’m happy to be part of something unifying within our freethought community.

Hopefully, as we multiply, we will become a bit more prolific. Many of the dads on this site are exhausted from working, parenting, and podcasting. There has been little time for writing. We know that a few of the new rational moms that have joined the site have also been drained of energy in recent months. I’d like to think that this merger will breathe new life into our collective of bloggers.

Watch for articles from our new contributors in the weeks to come! Be sure to leave a message and welcome them.



  1. Thanks for the welcome!

    It looks like you guys here really do cover a lot of the same topics and themes as we were covering at Rational Moms, so it will probably be a good fit.

    I have a few ideas for posts. Maybe you can tell me if any of these seem interesting:

    * We’ve stumbled on another scale model of the solar system! Visiting scale models of the solar system is one of my kids’ favorite travel/vacation activities (as you can see from some of my posts on Rational Moms — you guys are going to upload all of our old posts here, right?). I’d like to add this one to my series.

    * I’m thinking of writing about my experiences raising kids in a bilingual home. A lot of studies have been done on bilingual language acquisition, and at the same time there are a lot of myths floating around. (Weirdly, everybody seems to have an opinion about what you absolutely should or shouldn’t do to be sure your kids learn their two languages correctly.) I could do a survey of the research on the subject and then talk about how my experiences line up with the studies.

    * Perhaps something on dyslexia…? My 7-year-old can’t seem to tell the difference between b and d — what are the chances that he’s dyslexic?

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