Posted by: Ticktock | August 4, 2010


Anyone reading this in the Indianapolis area can see me give my two presentations tomorrow at Gencon, a gaming convention with a grassroots skeptic presence. I’ll be speaking about the origin of modern monsters ancient creature myths and how they might have entered our collective consciousness. I’ll also be giving my inside perspective on acupuncture – I will bring real props and everything!

You can also see me, along with the other co-hosts of Podcast Beyond Belief, at this year’s Dragoncon! In fact, we are going to be recording a live episode for the podcast track, featuring special guests, such as our mentor, Mr. Dale McGowan. We’re very honored and excited to have the podcast be included in this year’s schedule. It was only a year ago at Dragoncon that we dared to mention the idea of creating a podcast for skeptics and parents. A year later, and we are fast approaching 25 episodes, so we’ve come a long way since then!

Some of us will also be in attendance at the Star Party, supporting their fundraiser for cancer research in honor of Jeff Medkeff. Be sure to watch for us there!

And to top it off, we plan to have a skeptical parent meet-up at a bar again this year. Dale McGowan should be with us for that, and we’ll provide details later.



  1. Maybe next year…

  2. You’d be welcome to drive over to Gencon with me, but I know you’ve got a flock of children to manage. Anyway, invitation is open.

  3. Say hi to @wilw for me!

  4. Always up for a skeptical parent meet-up! Keep me posted. Looking forward to seeing you guys again…

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