Posted by: littlez2008 | August 4, 2010

Great Day for California

Since this is my first post at Science Based Parenting, a little introduction is in order.  I’m Julie, and I started Rational Moms with my friend Jessie in October 2008.  I’m a writer and sometimes actress living in Los Angeles.  Since my town is kind of the center of the woo universe, Jessie and I, upon becoming parents, decided we needed some kind of soap box where we could express ourselves.  So we started a blog and asked a bunch of other moms to join us.  And now, we’re all here, merged into one coed science based conglomerate.

So yes, I live in California, and as many of you have heard by now, Prop 8 has been overturned!  I’m beyond happy about this.

Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling makes for some interesting reading. Excerpts can be found here.  Most notably, for a blog about science based parenting, Walker dismissed the so-called evidence from one David Blankenhorn that gays and lesbians were inferior parents:

… The evidence does not, and does not claim to, compare biological to non-biological parents. Blankenhorn did not in his testimony consider any study comparing children raised by their married biological parents to children raised by their married adoptive parents. …

The studies do not … support a conclusion that the biological connection between a parent and his or her child is a significant variable for child outcomes…

Blankenhorn’s reliance on biology is unsupported by evidence, and the court therefore rejects his conclusion that a biological link between parents and children influences children’s outcomes.”

You gotta love that. Judge considers the evidence, finds it doesn’t support the hypothesis presented, and makes a decision based on the facts. This news gives me just a little faith in humanity.


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